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Importance of Proper Keywords Placement for Good Results

When it comes to article or blog writing, making use of the right SEO strategies becomes very important. Whenever, we talk about search engine optimization, topic of keywords and strategic placement of keywords must always be discussed. By placing the keywords at appropriate places in an article or blog-post, you are basically optimizing your web-page to get recognized by the search spiders. Now, you may want to ask about the best placement of keywords in an article or blog post. However, there are no such one or two positions. You need to decide about the perfect keyword placement according to the article genre or topic. Moreover, keyword placement also varies according to your target market.

Now, a lot of people assume that filling the articles with the keywords can buy them top ranks in search engines. However, if you really desire to have the top ranks in a search engine, then, you should avoid over-usage of keywords. In fact, you must avoid using a keyword without any appropriate requirement. This is because; the search engines would de-value your page, if they spot an over-usage of keywords. For example, if your primary keyword is “Top Articles” you would not go ranting about it throughout your blog-post! You must use the keywords in an appropriate context, so it does not pop out as absurd. Search engines mark this technique as a ‘spam’ and they would, in order to penalize you; either de-values your web-page or the whole website/blog! You, definitely, do not want to be kicked out of major search engines at all.

So, does that mean you cannot use keywords more than once in an article or blog post? Well, certainly not! You can use the keywords more than once and you “should” use them more than once. There are various places in HTML tagging where you can easily embed the keywords without making them appear inappropriate to search spiders or your readers. There are different rules when it comes to keyword placement; the rules alter from one search engine to another. Therefore, when you are placing your keywords make sure that you do not offend major search engines. Exercise great caution as, keyword placement may make you or break you! Whenever you are using keywords in title, headers, images, font tags or tables, pay great attention and be aware of the requirements and technical details.

There is a hierarchy in keywords and you must, therefore, identify the primary, secondary, tertiary keywords for your website or individual web-page. Using primary keyword in the title is one of the most commonly used SEO strategies. You would want your page to be optimized for the primary keyword; so, you would use the primary keyword more often, as compared to other keywords. Primary keyword is a keyword, which is able to bring most traffic towards your website or web-page. Therefore, it is important that you pay due diligence in searching for an appropriate primary keyword. You may also use the keywords in the post-description. Also, make sure that you are taking care of the required keyword density in a post, with respect to the total word count of that post. The SEO strategies pertaining to keyword placement are exhaustive and I can keep writing about them. However, for now, this article is sufficient enough to get you started with your SEO research for finding the best keywords placement!

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