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If Your Blog Doesn’t Use Pinterest, It’s Time

The benefits of Pinterest for blogs have not been fully realized by some users. But the facts are inescapable; it’s one of the fastest growing sites on the web, and no self-respecting blogger should be without it. If you’re a business blogger and still not convinced, maybe the following 5 reasons will.

1. There are Millions of Users

This is the third most popular social media network with 104 million unique visits every month and increasing. This is still behind Facebook’s 7 billion visits and Twitter’s 182 million. But the site is expanding at a very rapid rate. It now generates more website traffic referrals than Twitter.

Even the best blogs need connections to social media sites. By using it along with Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn etc, your profile and exposure increases.

The rules with blogs are simple: go where your potential readers are. Since most of them are opening accounts in the website, get one.

2. Things are Personal

The site allows your blog to merge personal and business elements. The site is all about sharing common interests and that will make people care about you and your blog. In many ways, it is more personal than Twitter and Facebook.

If your Facebook account tends to focus more on the business side of things, your account here can show more of you. For instance, you can share your favorite products, items and so on. This is one of the easiest ways to introduce them to your interests and other sites.

3. A Valuable Research Tool

One of the benefits of Pinterest for blogs is a blogger sees what people are interested in. If one item is being repeatedly pinned and another is not, you’ll know which one requires action. It gives you the option to link your site and check what people are pinning there. Few research tools can be this effective.

4. You Gain New Readers

Every blogger wants to gain a new audience. What better place to get them than from a rapidly growing site? All you have to do is follow people who share similar interests. Making comments and sharing your thoughts is a great to know what your prospective readers want.

Not all the users here have Twitter or Facebook accounts, so chances are you’re reaching out to someone new. Remember to follow those you’re not familiar with. Just take a look at the pins that appear on your subjects. Now you can begin to share. It won’t be long before those pins start appearing.

5. You Get More Traffic

Sharing stuff on this website can boost traffic as effectively as SEO or PPC, if not more so. The reason is your pins head back to your site. Facebook and Twitter requires users to view your stuff on a news feed. These users rely on category searches. They don’t just follow users; they follow boards too. The result is you get a more interactive audience.

A lot of the materials you post should be from your site, but not all of it. Interaction with other users is the key. But don’t lose track of your purpose; create a board with your interests that hopefully other people like.

These are the major benefits of Pinterest for blogs, but there are a few others worth mentioning. You remain updated on what your readership wants. Second, it is quite easy to manage. By getting on the bandwagon, you’ll be right up there as its user base expands.

Author Bio:- Gary is a free lancer writer and content builder of www.deartips.com/ and he is giving some SEO tips.

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