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If you don’t Gain your Website Users Trust, You Won’t Get Their Money

Buyers are viewing their cash more carefully in this economic climate, and one factor they pay interest to is whether an online e-commerce store or shop website is trustworthy for making payment or for sharing them credential details.

The current economic climate has tightly bind consumers to not open their wallet strings easily, All online users always thinks twice for making online payment or before sharing their credential details online. To get online users to open their wallets, online business must be instill this sense of trust.

Extended Validation Certificates are one of the best solutions to gain web customers trust. EV SSL helps you to providing security mechanism with authentication, encryption and validation. Any Website which carry EV SSL then website will look like below in web browsers.

ssl store ssl certificate

As, online phishing attacks are increasing day by day trust indicator, like “Green Address Bar” helps to gain online customers trust. An online survey proven that 97% of online shoppers are likely to share their credit card details with the websites which are carries “Green Address Bar” which shows that consumers are not won’t share their banking details with non trustable websites and they are knowing that green equal to safe for online shopping.

In uncertain times, online shoppers always want to be certain for where they can spend their money. And for giving same type of trust more and more ecommerce website owners are likely to decorate their website URLs with “Green EV Bar” by purchasing Extended Validation SSL for their websites.

Web authentication and real time certificate checking, these two factors makes EV SSL as a first choice for online ecommerce stores.

Extended Validation Certificates Features:

  1. Offering Green Address Bar for your website.
  2. EV SSL Certificate has carry 99.9% Browser compatibility and also extended validation certificate are compatible with mobile browsers like Microsoft Pocket Internet Explorer, Apple Iphone, Ipad Safari, Netfront 3.0+ and many more.
  3. Encryption Strength Up to 40-bit minimum, 256-bit maximum which mean your website data is fully secured.
  4. Extensive Business and Domain Validation.
  5. Symantec EV SSL Certificates carry Norton Secured Seal and website Vulnerability Assessment totally free which makes your website more trustable and secured.

Author Bio: James Labonte works with Symantec’s fastest growing Platinum Partner, theSSLstore.com, to provide consumers with the same security certificates that Certification Authorities sell directly. For affordable EV SSL visit www.theSSLstore.com, or contact a representative directly by calling 727-388-4240.

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