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IE 10 Now Available for Windows 7

The buzz around Windows 8 has been astounding over the last few weeks. Everyone’s talking about changes, upgrades, what’s new, what’s hot and what’s the Microsoft Surface all about. Another big story in the Windows 8 package has been the closely guarded Internet Explorer 10 that has been so far available only for machines running Windows 8. Earlier today Microsoft announced that Windows 7 is now compatible with Internet Explorer 10 as well.

The dramatically re-designed Internet Explorer 10 works best with a touch interface, but added security and browsing functionalities make it a decent upgrade for users not on a touch platform as well. It’s been introduced today in a “preview” mode, so to speak, and isn’t compatible and probably won’t be as well, for Windows XP and Vista users. Given that nearly 700 million licenses for Windows 7 have been sold since 2009, Windows 8 is unlikely to reach anywhere near that stage until late 2014 according to forecasts. Therefore, to cater to a large audience of over half a billion systems, it was important that a version of IE 10 be available for Windows 7 users as well.

The primary purpose of Internet Explorer 10 is to make viewing websites as enjoyable as possible and Microsoft hopes they can get developers to leverage the power of IE10 to give users a truly unique experience. IE10 of course supports CSS3 and HTML5, adding onto the functionalities of Internet Explorer 9. On Windows 8 however, it is available in two versions, one is the metro-app that does not allow any plug-ins and the other is a traditional application that has the capability of working with plug-ins. Another interesting feature in IE10 is the integration with Adobe Flash. No longer will you need to separately download Flash or any of its add-ons, they’ll all come packaged with IE10.

A new feature called Flip Ahead that works in both Metro and Desktop versions is somewhat similar to what Opera had in its FastForward functionality. It allows users to move through articles that span multiple pages through swiping across the screen. Microsoft has stated that a few websites might have to update their code a little to ensure it works properly. You can get your hands on the Windows 7 version of Internet Explorer 8 here.

Author Bio:- Avtar Ram Singh is a technology enthusiast who covers articles on topics ranging from social media and internet technologies to consumer devices. He is currently working with Lazada MY.

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