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I, Robot: The Latest Industries to Become Automated

Automation is fast becoming one of the most pressing issues of the age, with people from all levels of society expressing both excitement for the technological progress this represents, and concern over how automation will disrupt the job market in the coming years. Either way, it’s not hard to see that we’re living in an increasingly futuristic world, with MIT concluding that businesses are currently becoming automated at the fastest rate in human history. In case you haven’t noticed much of it in your everyday life, here’s a roundup of some of the biggest businesses to take up automation recently.

Food and Beverage

Automated Food and Beverage

Source: Pixabay

While it’s not exactly the case that your local McDonald’s is about to replace its staff with robots any time soon, the trillion dollar food and beverage industry is increasingly confronting current issues with technology and automation. While the first fully-automated. no-staff restaurant chains are beginning to pop-up, most businesses have used automation to help deal with issues such as deliveries, manpower shortages, and improving food quality and service. Food quality is a great example; rather than food inspections failing due to simple human error, businesses are now using automated sensors which are able to detect fluctuations in chemical levels, acidity, oxygen, pressure and bacteria in order to alert food and beverage businesses when their stocks are at risk of becoming spoiled. Where this has been rolled out, incidents of spoiled food dropped dramatically, and the automated sensor market is now worth millions of dollars.



Source: Pixabay

Gaming is another sector which has seen a massive increase in the use of automation and technology in order to improve output. As well as the manufacture of commercial video games becoming increasingly automated, these trends also apply to casino gaming. Rather than opting for a big casino building with an army of blackjack dealers, bartenders and hostesses manning the place, much of the gaming industry has moved into the digital realm. A key example is the Mr Green App, which has literally hundreds of slot machine games, spins and even sports betting all inside a handheld smartphone app. Most of this kind of gaming now takes place on automated platforms such as this, and it’ll be interesting to see how physical casino spaces take up the challenge in the years to come.


Automated Manufacturing

Source: Pixabay

This one is probably one of the more obvious ones that come to mind when people discuss automation. It’s no secret that car assembly lines and technology giants nowadays rely heavily on automated technology to produce their products quickly and efficiently. However, it is worth noting that this mass automation has not come at the expense of any jobs, and research has actually shown that the rise in automation has actually coincided with an increases in jobs within the manufacturing sector, as more workers are needed to design, manage and maintain the technology which physically makes the products. As automation becomes an increasingly prevalent fact of everyday life, it’s worth considering that change is not always a bad thing.

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  • Inksplore

    August 3, 2018, 12:28 am

    Hi Bilal,
    Truly said, automation becoming prominent across various industries and sectors have directly or indirectly affected the jobs of number of people. Thanks for sharing the list, manufacturing was understandable but even gaming industry has now started to implement automation technology.


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