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I-Mobile Pc- Latest Revolution Car

I-Mobile pc is a type of computer and they are normally used in service trucks, taxi cabs, fishing fleets, trucking fleets, public transit vehicles, courier vehicles, warehouse inventory control, military logistics, emergency vehicles etc. They are also known as mobile data terminal. They have a screen and a keypad or a keyboard which is used to enter information and they are connected to several peripheral devices.

They are associated with in-vehicle used and there are mounts designed for the purpose of attaching the I-Mobile to mobile workspaces into the forklifts, planes, boats and automobiles. Some companies such as LED co and Gambler-Johnson have build mounts for specific immobile design and pattern for the particular vehicles.

Immobile personal computer was introduced into the market in the 1990s as a solution to those people who wanted to store digital files in vehicles. They are known for being efficient as it helps one to complete his office and personal tasks while being stuck in the traffic issues. Several characteristics of stationary pc as these have 3G network connections and GPS functionality. They also offer an option of having a news aggregator and a web browser.

Latest I-Mobile pc specially made for you

The most modern I-Mobile pc’s being manufactured ensures that you are comfortable and enjoy the feeling inside your vehicle. They have turned cars into computer stations enabling people to perform their job while inside their vehicle driving. The invention of I-Mobile pc’s was brought about by the need to improve operations, to decrease transactional lag, to improve efficiency, for mobility and to break the business barriers and the updated stationary pc’s which has done just that. The new technology has improved mobile computing capabilities and an unimaginable immobile pc’s are being discovered.

New technology with superior features

The latest I-Mobile personal computers have been designed to fit into the stereo slots in the cars, their touch screen is 6.5 inches in size and they are sleek. You can navigate through them easily and quickly. This most updated motionless pc also has the GPS component in it so it has the ability of turning. They don’t use windows only when running their programs but they have other programs known as UI. I-Mobile personal computers have card slots that enable a person to see and transfer data/files from the memory card into the machine. The Bluetooth feature is also beneficial when it comes to doing the same task. In order to enjoy high connectivity instantly, you can connect it to smart phone. Another important feature of immobile is the fact that it can switch from day mode to night mode and vice versa.


I-Mobile pc’s enables people to create process, store, communicate and access information without being constrained to one location. It has improved information accessibility and information flow. It has also increased management effectiveness hence improvement in performance of companies. It is for this reason that you must have an I-Mobile pc. The mobile pc is being improved day by day and the new technology is still evolving. We are going to see more advanced devices in the near future.

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