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HTC Droid 4G LTE Review : A Phone to Hangout With

Are you thinking of having a new cell in your pocket but you are aware that it is hard to carry loaded feature cell as most of them are big. Even though many companies are still in the race of producing Big phones as they used to include a new feature which tends them to produce a new chip which increases the size and the race is on among them to include unique and various features. But if you are thinking of that this phone is a larger one too, then this time you are wrong HTC has proven the fact that amazingly big things are not always better than smaller one. You must have heard that big things come in small packages, so have a try on HTC Droid new version as it has got some amazing features. So let us have a quick look on this and then followed by the review.

droid 4g lite

Though the HTC Droid 4G LTE smart phone comes with many features but even though few important features have been picked to help you in getting information in a quick view of this phone.

Droid 4G with amazing Features

  • It has got an amazing super LCD display of 4.0 inch qHD with a resolution of 960 x 540. It might not work for many of the android users as they are habituated of working with a big screen. It has also got the 276ppi pixel density.
droid features


  • Ice cream sandwich 4.0.3 and sense 4.0 of Android runs on this smart phone. This makes the phone more  touchy as it feels much lighter and easy to get quick access without any obstruction
  • It also posses a powerful snapdragon S4 processor which is dual core with 1.2 GHz   . It comes with 1GB RAM to perform better.  Onboard capacity of around 8GB and with a slot of micro SD card expandable up to 32GB which gives you to collect a handy storage locker on your phones to carry all your important files and folder.
  • NFC is also a unique feature added to this phone. It is having a front VGA camera with an 8 Megapixel rear facing camera. The pictures and clicks are amazingly sharp, with a variety of intended clear pictures. But it lacks a shutter behind the camera .
  • The battery back up is amazing as it carries a 1700 mAH removable battery. If you are one of the geek using your phone day and night then this phone will obviously not let you down.

Quick look on Pros

  • The In Built features are amazing all around the phone features are very effective.
  • Higher horse power will gave you access to perform your task quickly and without any interruption.
  • Super   LCD Display.

Quick look on cons

  • Not much Handsome enough.
  • Some of the geek users may annoyed from the small screen in compare to other Droid smart phones.
  • Verizon loaded in it must act more flow less.
droid cons



With many inbuilt and unique features it will cost you $149 and it is recommended that one may try out this as it is lighter, slimmer and narrower from others Droid of this version and the performance and battery back up is also far better with the comparisons   of other phones. So hope in the next version we will found a con free Droid as there is always a room to  attain  improvement.

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