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How Your Blog Can Attract Female and Male Audiences

Are you striving for a more balanced audience, gender-wise? If so, you should look at the topics you are writing about, first and foremost. If you are writing about homeschooling, for example, you will get very few men reading your stuff, because mothers are usually the ones who stay home and do the homeschooling. When this is not the case, they are still the more active parent and arrange the homeschooling.

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How to Strike a Balance?

If you are treating topics like decorations, redecorating, and other household topics, you are likely to attract more female readers. With home repairs, it is men who will be more interested. A combination of both topics, such as, “Doing things around the house” will strike a balance.

Blogs like bike or beer reviews are traditionally male-dominated, but there are many women who are trying to raise other women’s awareness in these fields. More and more women are listening to heavy metal, as well. The topic of tattoos is equally interesting for both sexes.

Use Your Sense of Humor

Humor works equally well with both genders. Notions like “men’s humor” and “women’s humor” are simply stereotypical. You should choose topics that people can equally identify with or try to escape from.

Avoid Stereotypes

Some believe that men will never read a woman’s blog unless she puts up pictures of herself (and has something to show). It is mainly women who believe that. If you have intelligent and unconventional views on topics, you will reach a wide audience. Playing it like a hottie may help attract attention, but whether you will keep that attention depends on the actual content.

Writing a Parenting Blog

Blogs about parenting, strangely enough, attract more female readers. That goes to show which sex is the more caring! Just kidding. More and more men are showing an interest in this. The reason women are reading more about parenting is because they are more likely to look for advice online from someone who has experienced various aspects of parenting. Men would rather go for specialized literature. It is a very good thing that men are chiming in though, because their perspective is priceless, especially in terms of the parenting of boys. It is always important to consider multiple perspectives. These include the perspectives of single parents, married parents, custodial parents, widowed parents and divorced parents – of both sexes. These topics are not limited to men and women.

Recreational Topics

Recreational activities like hiking and traveling, as well as sports like tennis and swimming are equally appealing to both genders. Men are more adventurous, whereas women are more conventional. This should be kept in mind when deciding on travel destinations or hiking routes to write about. Sometimes a given route will be considered “girly” because it is too short and easy, while a two-day route or trip to Mt. McKinley will be considered too rough for a girl. There are girls, and then there are girls. Such views are simply sexist.
You can try to bridge gaps between readers, and you can succeed, but there will always be topics that are more appealing to men and ones more appealing to women.

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