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How You Can Enhance The Functionality Of Your Android Phone?

It is a great fun to operate and use an android phone and use it to stay connected with family and friends. The demand of android phones has increased drastically over the last few years and now almost every mobile store is selling them. These phones are basically small compact computers which are equipped with complete computer features including camera, file transfer, internet access, data storage and many more.

These phones make it possible to get connected while you are on the move. You can also enhance the utility of the phone by installing various applications. You can customize the phone as per your requirement. There are hundreds of such applications available online. However, it is not easy to work through various android applications. The following are some great tips that will enhance the functionality of the Android phones.

Book Mark Sorting

The web browsers of android phones are much more efficient and well equipped with various features. You can easily do book marking on your phone browser. However, sometimes using the browser can be highly frustrating as the browser shows recently visited sites rather than the most visited ones.

There is a simple application called the free app book manager for you phone which will help to arrange the bookmarks as per your requirement.  You will be also being able to make some lists and get them organized in a correct form. If you want, you can also split them into various categories including health, news, fashion etc. The best thing about this application is that the home page shall be able to adjust itself automatically in the new and simplified order.

Multi-icon edit mode

In the android phones the home screen have got the facility just to add one home screen, however with multi icon widget option you can easily add up to four icons to your home screen.

If you like changing the content on the home screen regularly then it might be extremely difficult to you edit the multiple icons. However, the recent version of the application has made it possible to edit or change the icons.

Amazon MP3

This great application is amongst the easiest and simplest way to listen to Mp3 songs and other free music. All it takes is a few taps and you will download the favorite songs of your choice. You will find songs of various genres in the Amazon store and you can listen to the songs that are free from DRM. Also, you can download it in the Android music app.

You might see some Deal of the Day albums might appear next to the free songs genre. This application is there in almost all the android phones and in case your phone doesn’t have it, you can always install it on your phone. By just simply adding some great application features, anyone can enjoy the features of this great phone.

Nowadays, these phones are not only popular among the professionals and adults but they are also a hit amongst the youngsters. With so many eye-catching, powerful and attractive features, these devices come with lots of user friendly functions that offer excellent performance. The reason why Android phones are being preferred over the phones that use other technology is that it allows anyone to create new applications. With technology getting better day by day, new technological innovations are taking place every day and one such great invention is Android ethnology. These phones are based on Android OS, which makes them pretty fast and efficient.

Author Bio:- The article is written by Debarshi Ghosh Dastidar. He is an android enthusiast web designer. When he is not blogging he can be found promoting Flash themes for website creation. You can follow him on twitter @DebarshiGD

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