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How Wi-Fi Technology In Work Vehicles Will Improve Business & Employee Safety

The way we drive is changing as, over time, computing technology increases its influence. The race to make driverless cars a reality is speeding up this process and helping to bring the sorts of technology that we utilize at work and home into our vehicles.

But what does this mean for businesses? Many firms require their employees to get behind the wheel, whether that be the wheel of a large lorry to transport goods or simply a car to travel to a meeting. Advances in technology could be good for businesses and their employees – and getting Wi-Fi into the driving experience, which is already becoming a reality, will be a big step. Here’s how…

Vehicles Wifi Technology


The availability of software such as Android Auto is helping to upgrade the old-fashioned car dashboard. Instead of a rudimentary line of text telling us what radio station we’re tuned into, our screens will more closely resemble those of our computers or smartphones. Wi-Fi will make connecting phones to the car – and the car to the internet – an even more effective process. Instead of a clunky sat nav suckered to the windscreen we’ll be able to enjoy maps and live traffic data built into the fabric of our cars. That will provide business drivers with vital information to help them avoid traffic hotspots and stay on track to make their deliveries or reach meetings.


The opportunity for communications can also be an attraction. The world in which we live today often means we need to be contactable at all times, even when on the go. Building Wi-Fi and computer systems into our cars means we will be able to make and receive such calls using controls on the wheel or dashboard – making these conversations safer for employees and avoiding the need for a long wait to solve a query.

Work on the go

Of course communications aren’t the only way we can benefit. Voice activated technology, powered by Wi-Fi, will mean we can command our in-car computer to open up our emails and dictate the necessary text to send, avoiding the need for a sending splurge once you return to your desk.


Perhaps the most significant benefit of Wi-Fi technology in vehicles will be with the safety benefits it can bring. Camera systems can help to eliminate the perils of the blind spot – something that is especially beneficial to drivers of large vehicles who are otherwise prone to hazards from tough-to-see cyclists, pedestrians and small vehicles. Connecting these cameras can be tricky and require lots of cabling but Brigade offers a Wi-Fi system that eliminates much of that hassle making it easier to get a better all-round view of a vehicle.

On top of the immediate benefits of in-car Wi-Fi technology – better directions, communications, work opportunities and, above all, safety – the potential for the future is sizeable. Wi-Fi can help our vehicles connect with each other, and with other forms of technology, as cars continue to develop more and more of the characteristics of computers. The trick for any business is to seize on the opportunities that this can offer up and ensure they help their operation become safer and more efficient at every chance.

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