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How Voip Technology Allows You To Hire And Manage Overseas Staff Easily?

There’s no secret anymore that most of the call centers for medium and big businesses are operated from countries like India of the Philippines. Most entrepreneurs now have a virtual assistant and entire departments are moved in countries where the cost of labor is lower. This is largely the effect of high-speed Internet being available in these countries but businessmen also rely heavily on calling cards (http://www.nobelcom.com/phone-cards.html) to connect with their staff.

Just pick up the phone

Most of the hiring can be done on a scheduled online conference through one of the popular messaging and chatting apps out there, but for day to day urgent matters entrepreneurs need a faster and more reliable way to reach their staff. When you hire locally you can just pick up the phone and call your team to solve any urgent issue and that was just not possible as much when it came to calling internationally.voip phone

The problem was solved in the last years by cheap international calling cards and the mobile apps that come with them. Providers like Nobel App (http://www.nobelcom.com/nobel-app.html) now allow you to call for pennies anywhere in the world. The service is easy to use and it is available either through a specialized app on your smartphone or simply from any mobile phone or landline, even if an Internet connection is not available.

Being able to call your employees instantly and even spend long minutes or even hours with them on the phone when the situation asks for it can be a business saver. There is nothing more frustrating than needing someone in your team and realizing he or she is not online. Moreover, if you will call them through the roaming services of your regular mobile carrier it will cost a fortune.

Delegating more easily

Most managers recommend always writing an email with clear instructions for your staff. If it’s written it is easier to follow and your team can ask more to-the-point questions. But it’s always a good idea to do a follow-up on the phone and go through the tasks again to make sure everything was understood correctly.

Numerous entrepreneurs don’t like writing emails and prefer to call, that being one of the reasons they hire a virtual assistant in the first place, so he or she will write those long emails instead. This was previously reserved only to the successful managers with access to important financial resources but now this is so affordable that even a start-up entrepreneur can take advantage of this benefit.

The secret to working well with virtual staff is excellent communication and that oftentimes means more than clearly written emails. That is why the rise of VoIP international calling services is proving to be a facilitator of worldwide business growth.

How to choose the best calling card provider

If you’re convinced a calling card can help you too and would like to make the next step and select a reliable provider, choose by taking in consideration the following criteria: number of countries covered, the quality of calls (you can test that in a free trial), low costs, the availability of a mobile app, autorecharge option, and great customer service. But whatever you choose you’ll probably soon realize that is was one of the best business decisions you made lately.

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