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How Using Cloud Storage Can Improve Your Blog

Blogs aren’t as low-tech as they used to be. Think about everything you put into your blog. It’s likely more than just text. You probably have hundreds or thousands of posts, depending on how long you’ve been running your blog, along with videos, links, images, and other things to spice up your blog. All that cool stuff tends to take up space on your server. A solution to easing the burden on your server without sacrificing the content of your blog is found right in the cloud. Cloud storage can help you improve your blog, boost content, and attract new followers without the requirement of extra storage space on your part. Here are some ways cloud storage can improve your blog:

Boost Your Content

Content is at the heart of any successful blog. One of the biggest benefits of cloud technology is the large storage capacity available to you via the service. This allows you to add more content to your blog without worrying about your own server limitations. This allows you to do things like archive more content, post more videos, and even add some animated graphics here and there. Even if you blog via another server, your space is still limited. This isn’t a concern if you use cloud storage.

Protection of Your Content

If the server that your blog is on goes down, you’re out of luck until it’s back up and running. However, you may still lose some or all content if something happens and data can’t be recovered. Cloud storage provides better protection of your content since your data is stored on a remote server. Granted, there are some concerns about pinpointing the exact location of your data in the cloud, but security has greatly improved since the inception of cloud technology. Other benefits of cloud storage in terms of protection include significant backup and recovery systems to ensure that your data is always available.

Easier Sharing

A blog isn’t much of a blog if you can’t share content. Cloud storage allows you to keep more content at your fingertips for easy sharing. This can include extra email content for subscribers or content for e-books and other perks for loyal followers. Cloud storage also provides plenty of space to store content that followers share with you, especially if you’re not sure you want to post it to your blog right away.

Update Your Blog Anywhere

While you can update your blog anywhere there’s an Internet connection, you don’t always have access to your content and other tools you need to fully update your blog. That’s no longer a concern with cloud storage. You can access your blog and any related content you have stored via any device with an Internet connection. Think of it as having access to your own personal storage unit wherever you go. You can “go in” and get anything you need and “put away” what you don’t need right now.

Better Organization

Cloud storage is also an easy way to get organized. There are plenty of services that use cloud storage. Some of these services offer some free features, while others require a fee. Keep in mind that you can always access cloud technology free of charge. What you’re paying for is a more organized way to access the cloud. Services like ASUS WebStorage web interface allows you to move files you save in “MySyncFolder” to “My Collection,” or vice versa. You can do the same with mobile devices with an Internet connection. You can store any unfinished or ongoing content in your “MySyncFolder,” for example, so your saved content automatically syncs to all your devices. This allows you to add to your saved content anytime you wish to do so. Finished or old blog content can easily be moved to “My Collection” when you’re ready to archive your content.

The biggest advantage a blogger gets from cloud technology is storage. You are no longer limited to the power or your server or the server you’re using for your blog. Cloud storage also requires little maintenance and upkeep on your end. This gives you more time to focus on running your blog without worrying about the technical stuff that goes on behind the scenes. The final result is a more engaging blog with more content and the ability to share that content with your followers. Happy blogging in the cloud!

Author Bio:Linda Le is a tech blogger, and proud user of cloud computing and data center management by ProfitBricks.

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  • Elvin Brown@Cloud Data Storage

    August 17, 2012, 10:16 pm

    Nice article Bilal, but I am still not convinced if cloud storage is needed for blogging as its very simple and don’t require much efforts.

    • Bilal Ahmad

      August 17, 2012, 11:06 pm

      Evin@ Because cloud backup offers users a life time service and can be accessed from any where. Hope you got the point.


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