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How Twitter is Better Advertising Source than Facebook

Advertising is the strategy of blog owners to attract traffic to there Blog , now a day’s people are very much attracted towards the social media and hence it has been established as the advertising market. If comparison in between the facebook and the twitter is done then twitter leads the race. The twitter audience estimated in March 2012, 500 Million Total Users by March, 250 Million Active. Estimated 48 percent of them are in college and 17% are in high-school. Facebook is about five time larger then twitter and audience is different. Facebook has 28% in college and 21% in highschool. Regarding analytics; twitter and facebook are similar only on that they both show impressions and clicks. In these days, you`ve probably seen, promoted trends, tweets and accounts on your timelines. How twitter advertising works?  There are 3 ways, promoted trends, promoted tweets and promoted account. A promoted trend appears on top of the trending topic list. The trending topic list is a list of keywords and hash tags, of many people are talking about on twitter at that given time. As an advertiser you bid on the keyword or hash tag that you create. Promoted tweets work just like regular tweets, because they are regular tweets. You just can re-tweet and replied, just like any other tweet.

Twitter advertising vs. facebook advertising

Twitter analytics dashboard allows advertisers to monitor both paid and unpaid twitter activity. They advertiser can also see the tweets that caused people to unfollow them , which tweet is most successful , and who are the most influential users , the ones that re-tweet them.

Facebook advertiser analytics is much less sophisticated, the dashboard shows clicks, impressions and costs for a given time period. You can read reports and conversions, time responder. The advertiser cannot find if his ads where marked offensive, un-interesting or misleading, which would help advertisers better target their ads.

The ads formats are also very different, but that is because also of the nature of each platform. So which is right for you? First identify your audience, facebook users are younger then the twitter audience and more active daily. Next evaluate your resources. Advertising on twitter will require that someone engaged with users by replying and commenting. Twitter works best if someone is available to engage with users because things go viral quite fast on twitter. The thing here is that you can relate directly with “potential customers” which is much better than , put an ad and wait for it to converse (like facebook ads does).

If you`re planning on using advertising to build an online presence , twitter is the way to go. Especially that twitter has a lot of targeted “mature users” available , you can count on that if you`re planning to advertise products that are for users above 18.Secondly , in short words , twitter has the ability to make things VIRAL right away, much faster then facebook. So if you`re planning to advertise online, you can count on Twitter, if your ad matches up with the things, described above…


Twitter and Facebook are big names  and there is always a possibility of improvement in any  of them as there is always a room for improvement , but from the above facts we can easily understood that for a blog advertising in Twitter is  far better than to advertise on Facebook. Plan your ads and  lastly I would say Lets Tweet  above the world .

Author Bio:- This article is written by Jay Krishna Yadav, he is a part time blogger and an article writer .He has his guest posting and link building service. He visit Home Host – a blog that offers quality service. He loves to be a part of this blog as a contributor.

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