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How to Write Great Blog Content in your Niche with Good SEO?

Blogging effectively is one of the best methods of earning money online. Just writing, without paying attention to revenue productivity is no use. Write good blog content which brings you attention and visitors. But to produce unique content in your niche, you require in-depth knowledge and good SEO. That’s not everybody’s bread and butter!

So what is a blog? What is a niche? What is SEO? These are some of the common and basic doubts if you are starting your blogging career. The answer is simple. Blog is nothing but like a website where an individual or groups of users record their opinions, information etc on a regular basis. A blog has hyperlinks to other related content and visitors comment about the content.

A niche is a specified topic on which you write your blog articles.

SEO means Search Engine Optimization. If you want your blog to be visible in search engines, than you need to adhere to certain guidelines like on-page SEO and off-page SEO.

The following steps will help you write great blog content with SEO in your niche!

  • Pay Attention to your Google Search habits.
  • Find great blogs in your “niche”
  • Use “Feed Demon Pro” to gather updated current feeds on these blogs.
  • Use Google Adwords Tool to research your keywords.
  • Find keywords with low competition and more CPC.
  • Now use Google Instant to find variations of the “keyword” you wants to target.
  • Search Google for that keyword and gather different information.
  • Write unique and varied blog content on the information you found.
  • Use “Scribe SEO” for copywriting check and analyzing your content.
  • Find relevant back link resources related to your article.
  • Post Comments or do Guest posts on other niche blogs for back linking.
  • Spread the word about your blog content in your Social Circles like Google+, Facebook, and Twitter.
  • Patiently wait for Google to index and rank your blog content for “long tail” keywords.
  • Write more blog articles based on “queries” information in Google WebMasterTools.
  • You will definitely find your blog ranking up and getting traffic.

Don’t apply Black Hat SEO techniques!

How to Go About Writing Great Blog Content?

First research all the blogs in your niche. This you can easily do by paying attention to Google search habits. Every day you would be having plethora of doubts and you would Google for more information. More the information more is your knowledge on the subject.

So when you do research on your problems, try to list out the web sites which are ranking well in Google. For example you are trying to find information on “Windows 8 release date”. At the time of writing the web search results for anytime show the following results.

windows 8 release

As you can observe the top search results show “hawtwired.com”, “booksnreview.com”,”nvonews.com” and “techradar.com” and other websites. Visit that particular website and find their RSS feed link. Generally all blogs put an image or link to their RSS feed. Just copy the link to their RSS feed.

Now you need to use a Feed synchronization tool like “Feed Demon” to subscribe to their feeds.

feed demon

As you browse and research on your topic of interest (that becomes your “niche”), you will find great resources to various kinds of blogs, forums and websites. Your subscriptions grow in Feed Demon. Now every day have a look at the different articles published by these popular blogs in “Speed Reader” mode. This is available at the bottom of the right hand side pane.

speed reader

This will only display the titles and you can read quickly the “current” trending articles on your niche. You can read the full post if you open that link in a new browser tab. Feed Demon Pro has the added advantage of not showing ads and it costs only $19.99. You can also synchronize with Google Reader if you have a Google Account.

I’ll detail about the other steps in further coming tutorials.

Do you have a different methodology which brings more revenue and traffic to your blog? Let us know about your methods on writing great blog content and comment if you are successful, following the above steps.

Author Bio:- Karri Avinash is a Microsoft enthusiast and writes about latest tech trendy articles on his blog. He supports his Uncle Palla Ramarao in writing reviews about Windows products like Windows 8, Office 2013, Outlook.com and Surface tablet. Palla Ramarao, the main writer is a Civil Engineer, Software Engineer and Blogger by part-time.

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