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How to Write for the Web in 2013?

2012 was certainly an eventful year in the World Wide Web.

With endless fluctuations and changes to the rules of the online marketing game; webmasters have been left on the bench wondering if they’ll ever get their winning form back. But 2013 is a new year, and a new year brings new opportunities for you and your promotional efforts.

Writing for the Web 2013

So it’s time to pull your socks up, tighten your sports boots, and get back in the game.

“New Year, New Content Plan”

One of the biggest bugbears Google has was poor quality content. Web pages filled with duplicate and rehashed content that made little or no sense to a human reader. So if you want to get your marketing back on track for 2013, you need to have mastered writing for the web:

1. Readers not robots

The main mistake marketers made when writing for the web was writing too much for the search engines.

Before all the changes, you knew exactly how to keep Google sweet. The content you put online – both on and offsite – was of poor quality but pushed all the search engines’ buttons. Fast forward a few months, and you were sitting pretty on page one.

Today though, that just isn’t going to cut it. If you want to write for the web in 2013, you need to write for human readers. That means producing concise, relevant, and unique copy across your website.

Everything from your home page copy through to blog posts need to be written with readers in mind. Produce high quality, shareable information that provides your audience with relevant information.

The secret? Write naturally. A natural, conversational tone will help all of this fall into place.

2. Lay low on the SEO

Over optimised pages were another thing Google clamped down on last year. Prior to the Penguin and Panda pandemic, so-called ‘black hat’ SEOs were guilty of keyword stuffing. By filling their web content with their targeted keywords, they could manipulate the Google spiders and boost their position in the SERPs.

Web writing in 2013 is very much the opposite. In the spirit of keeping things natural, it’s important that you keep you use your targeted keywords sparingly. In fact, only as and when they fit naturally with the flow of your writing.

This double edged sword will help with keeping both your readers and Google happy.

While search engine optimisation is still important, it needs to be done in a simpler way. You need to be writing naturally, find relevant homes for your back links, and make sure everything you do is completely above board.

3. Diverse anchor text

In the spirit of doing everything ‘above board’, you should cast an eye over your current backlink profile.

Google has been targeting websites with spammy backlinks pointing to their site, as well as an overuse of keywords. By sticking to the same anchor text and directing links to the same pages, you may have been doing considerable damage to your site.

In terms of how you can fix this with your writing: diversify your anchor text links.

Instead of sticking to the same set of keywords, you should mix it up. A good way to keep things compliant is by using:

  • 25% SEO keyword
  • 25% brand (your company name)
  • 25% naked URL
  • 25% junk anchors (‘click here’ etc)

If you are looking to include links, make sure you diversify not just the anchor text but where in the article they appear. There is mounting speculation that Google could look to dilute the effect of guest post links, so make sure that all of your important links aren’t coming from author bio boxes alone.

Writing for the web in 2013 doesn’t have to be difficult; we just have a new set of rules to play by. So take the time to study the rule book, have a team talk, and start your new year marketing campaign off with a bang.

Author Bio:- Clare Evasn is an online marketing specialist and copywriter for digital marketing agency Superdream.

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  • Rashmi Sinha

    March 6, 2013, 12:08 am

    Amen to these points…..Content writing will never be the same again with more and more awareness about the pros and cons of various techniques. It will evolve for betterment only. Thanks for shedding some light on what to keep in mind in this year to make it big!!!


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