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How To Use the iPhone 4 Siri for Social Media Marketing & Management

If you are a fan of Space Odyssey and your favorite character in that movie is HAL 9000 then you have probably enjoyed the Apple’s iPhone 4 Siri artificial intelligence since day one when it hits the market – of course if your budget can cover the costs of purchasing that cute and useful gadget.

We all know those commercials where famous people are talking to their Siri’s, don’t we? Do you remember John Malkovich discussing the meaning of the life with his Siri, or even better when Samuel L. Jackson prepares his big night out with a help of his Siri? Also, let’s not forget the most popular Siri related parody when Zooey asks Siri where she daily tweets sending random (and funny) questions to her device such as-“Siri, does smoking wheat increase your metabolism?”


This is probably the one of the shiniest star of Apple universe, so let’s see what it took to become so popular and how can you use it to set yourself apart from the rest of the users in the social networking.

1. First things first. Go to Twitter and/ or Facebook to grab a country code number for your Siri. What is this? This is the number you will use to connect with those social networks to get the most out of both, your Siri and Twitter/ Facebook.

2. Country code for Twitter is easy to obtain @Twitter support page (Twitter via SMS). There you will see the list of countries with their codes and carriers supporting Siri to Twitter and vice versa service. You will notice that some countries have the same country code but don’t get confused (e.g. Sudan and USA have the same code- 40404). Once you found your country code, type START and SIGN UP and send this message to your carriers Twitter country code (also known as short code).

3. Adding Facebook code (for SMS communication) is even easier compared to Twitter. You just have to jump to Facebook’s page for mobile settings. Just fill in few fields and you will get the verification code for your phone and like this your phone will be added to your Facebook account.

siri in social media

4. Now, when you’re all set up, comes the best part. Start your Siri and let it know what you would like to do. For example prepare a trial set of messages for your Twitter and Facebook account letting everyone knows that you’re connected with your Siri. Or, how about:” Siri, follow Lady Gaga on twitter” Ok, ok if you’re not a big fan of Lady Gaga you can always choose someone else.

You like your friends’ picture on the Facebook? No problems, Siri will like it instead of you. Why not trying all the options on the table and experiencing Siri by yourself. This way you will get the most out of your Siri and your social life will get a chance to go to the next level. If you have a company and you’re always on the run, try to keep up with your followers using Siri. Like this you will have your followers (or Fans on Facebook) updated faster than ever before.

It would be wise to say, for the conclusion, that this kind of help was not introduced by any other developer before Siri and as we said in the beginning of the article this was (just a few years ago) something that could easily fill the page of a Sci-Fi movie script. With Siri we have come one step closer to the future that seems very promising when it comes to Smartphones and technologies connected with these gadgets.

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