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How to Use Social Media to Re-Engage Your Current Customer Base

With the prevalence of social media use today, it’s become easier than ever for businesses to connect with their customers.  Social media has also become the best tool for re-engaging with your customers, bringing them back into your company’s arms and, in turn, generating sales.

Social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and Instagram are free platforms designed to allow integration between not just people but between people and companies.  Companies have become new friends to “follow” or “like.” If you don’t already have a profile on one of these sites do so as soon as you can and try to target or join groups, trends, feeds where you think your company fits in best.  If you already have a profile set up, a good way to re-start your customer interest might be through a make-over on your profile.  This can be done either through new photos and new products or simply becoming more active and participatory.  Anything you can do through these social media sites that will draw the customer’s eyes has the potential for leading to a sale and should be exploited to its full potential.  Sales, discounts and contests are other fantastic ways of re-engaging your customers and many companies have been finding success with making these available through either liking or sharing a company’s profile or status.

What’s perhaps the best feature of all of these social networking sites is the back-and-forth dialogue that they not only provide but push.  This is one of the few, if only, arenas, where businesses can start up a public discourse directly with their customers, or, have their customers discourse with each other on a company’s page or feed.  Every new comment, every new like means more people are responding to your business and, hopefully, their response will be seen by their friends, who then might be drawn to your company.  Social media has become a cross breed of guerilla marketing and conventional advertising, and we likely haven’t seen all of the possibilities available through that hybrid yet.

Re-engaging your customers means taking advantage of this new dynamic between companies and customers and starting up a dialogue between yourself and them.  Pose questions to your customers; ask them to submit feedback on their favorite products or what they’d like to see in a product or service.  Update early and often: with so many people’s and companies’ information flooding the news feeds you don’t want your posts falling between the cracks.  The more you post, the more likely you are to be seen and therefore interacted with.  Think of it like TV advertising, one commercial airing at 11 o’clock at night isn’t going to be anywhere near as advantageous as one airing every hour on the hour.  While your company doesn’t have to be that rigorous, frequency is a very positive approach towards engaging with your customers; and the fact that social media posts are free as opposed to advertising makes it even easier to be consistent and timely.

The tools are out there to reel your customers back in and start increasing those sales; you’ve only to take advantage of the opportunities and get involved.  Keep in mind that using these platforms can be fun.  The more fun you’re having with it, the more fun your customers will have and that will likely lead to more sales.

Author Bio:-  Robert Woodford has been covering social media topics and Reachmail’s email plans online for nearly a decade. When he isn’t writing you can find him at home with his family or honing his guitar skills.

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