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How to Use LinkedIn to Find a Job?

We all know that looking for a job can be quite the challenge, especially these days. As more and more new college graduates enter the workforce, it seems like there are less opportunities for everyone to find a career. With so many people vying for a very small number of jobs, how can you set yourself apart and find a position that works for you? One of the top ways to find a job today involves using the social networking site called LinkedIn.

What is LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is a social networking site where professionals can post their resumes, share their current positions, connect with others in their field and related fields, and recommend other professionals. It’s essentially a social networking site specifically for the professional world, so no one will contact you for dates or for social reasons. It’s all about business.

Getting Started

How does this translate to you finding a new position? Actually, there are a number of ways that a profile on LinkedIn, as well as some other key activities on the site, can help you to land the job of your dreams. Your first step is to create your profile, where you will post your resume, list any special skills that you have and even post a picture. Be very careful with the picture you choose. If you have a professional head shot, use that. Avoid pictures of you partying with your friends or other obviously unprofessional photos.

Make sure your resume highlights your key skills. Many top HR recruiters spend lots of their time on LinkedIn looking at profiles, so it’s key that you have a quality resume. You’ll also be given the option to select what others can contact you for on your profile page. Make sure that your profile lists that you would like to be contacted about positions.

Spend time looking for colleagues that you work with currently or have worked with in the past and connect with them. Work to cultivate a network where you are connected with a large number of professionals. You can also join various groups on LinkedIn, such as Marketing Professionals. Look for groups that align with your skill set and industry and join as many as you can.

The Job Hunt

Now that you have a professional profile, quality network and are in a number of groups, it’s time to put the word out that you are hunting. Update your status to say that you are currently looking for a job. There is no shame in saying this and it helps to let people know that you are looking.

Some other ways to hit the ground running on LinkedIn to find a new position include:

  • Visit company pages. Many companies post what positions they are hiring for and how to throw your hat in the ring. Look at where people in your industry are working currently and see if those companies are hiring. If not, look at their history to find where they have worked before. Use LinkedIn as your way to research companies you would be a good fit for and then check out their sites for jobs.
  • Send in your resume. Even if a company that you have your eye on is not hiring for a position that you are a fit for right now, send them your resume anyway. As soon as they have a position, they will already have your information to bring you in for an interview.
  • Get recommendations. Ask former colleagues or managers for a recommendation on your profile, as this looks very favorable for you. It gives hiring managers the opportunity to see references before they even call you in for an interview.

As you can see, LinkedIn offers a wide range of opportunities for professionals who are looking for a job. If you are currently employed and not looking, it’s still wise to keep up on your profile so that if you ever are job hunting, you are ready to hit the ground running.

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