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How to Use Google Boost to Promote Your Business

Businesses need to advertise to spread word about the products and services they offer. Advertising on the internet takes their name and fame across the globe, especially if done correctly and by using the right tools. One of the best services available on the net for advertising is that of Google PayPerClick AdWords. Google has transformed the web and the way people and websites connect with each other and made advertising affordable enough for everyone to consider it-through it, businesses on the web can attract views from the public. Above all, Google has filled the gap between big and small businesses. Google AdWords is only one of the Google tools available to businesses, and it is constantly innovating to come up with other tools and applications that help the newest technologies use them. Thus Google has now come up with various benefits for smart phones.

At one time in the recent past, WAP internet type of technology was the best way for mobile searches. But now, it seems obsolete when we see smart phones having internet access with complete search features right in the palm of the hand. It is now easy to find any place, track the route if you are lost and find places with features like Google Maps, Google Places and others.

Google Boost

google boost

Google Boost is another advertising product being launched and meant to bring tremendous benefits to businesses. It is a location based ad product and enables businesses to reach out to a specific audience and direct them towards their website. This is possible through the use of two types of keywords, the concept being similar to AdWords to woo a targeted audience for the website. Verticals is one type of keywords use and location based keywords are the second option available, in which the name of a place will lead to the listing of businesses in that area.

Google Boost is still very new and available only in three test market areas of Chicago, Houston and San Francisco. More cities will be gradually added and creating adds with Boost is also very easy. The first step is to have a Google Places account and signing up for a campaign through it. Details about this are available here

Another common feature that Google Boost shares with AdWords is the automatic management of the account. All that a business needs to do is define a budget and after that it is Google’s headache to decide on the placement of ads and the frequency with which they will be visible to users. Each time a user types a business related keyword or a location that matches with that of the business, the Boost ad will appear in the section of sponsored links above the regular Google Map listings.

Google Maps and Google Places have seen spiraling growth trends in the last one year, due to the dedicated high quality geo location data service being provided from anywhere in the world. It is facing stiff competition from arch rival Facebook which is coming up with its own geo-location based product called Facebook Places. Though not yet unveiled and open to the public, Google wishes to be prepared well in advance to cash in on the geo location potential available right now.

Google Boost is a great product that will help SEM and SEO professionals whose campaigns combine organic search with PPC advertising. Location based businesses that cater to a community within a physical geographical boundary Google Boost can prove to be an asset. Its potential beyond that domain will have to be checked out over time.

Author: This is a Guest Post by Neil Jones, head of marketing for eMobileScan. One of Europe’s leading providers of handheld computers including the Motorola MC9090 or Motorola MC75

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  • Locksmith

    February 24, 2012, 10:19 pm

    It’s true! Google Boost is a nice and easy way to advertise product and services through website.thanks

  • scorpi

    April 21, 2011, 4:42 am

    Cmon…. Its enought to have good SERP positions ( rank 1-2-3 ) and your business will jump to the sky. Google maps is for LOCAL BUSINESS.


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