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How to Upload Videos on YouTube?

YouTube is one of the most popular websites in the world, and for good reason. It has never been easier for people to share video with one another than with this service. Twenty hours of video is uploaded to YouTube every minute. That should give you a good indicator of how popular this video service has become. If you have never used YouTube before but still want to upload videos, here is a systematic tutorial on how to do so.

Getting an account on YouTube

  1. Go to the YouTube main page
  2. Click the “create account” link at the top right of the website
  3. Fill out your information, if you already have an account with Google (Gmail for example) you can save yourself some time by logging in. Make sure you click the checkmark next to the “Google Terms of Service and Privacy Policy” and click next step.
  4. Once you are done filling out your information, you should be logged in automatically. If for some reason your browser did not log you in automatically click the “sign in” link at the top right. It is right next to the “create account” link you clicked earlier.
  5. You now have a working YouTube account.

Uploading the video to YouTube

  1. First thing to do is make sure you are signed in when you head to the main page of YouTube. If you see the username you selected in the top right, that means you are logged in.
  2. Look to the left of your username. There is a linked labeled “Upload” – that is the link you want to click.
  3. You are now taken to a new page. Here you will have three different options. The first is “select files from your computer” which is the largest option in the middle of your screen. The second option is “upload multiple files” and right below that is “record from webcam.”
  4. For this tutorial, we are going to focus on uploading a file you have already created, so we will click “select files from your computer.”
  5. Once you click that, a smaller window is going to pop up. From here, we are going to select the video that we want to upload and share on YouTube. Navigate to the file you want and select “open.”
  6. The video you selected is going to be uploaded and you will see the progress in percentages as it does. Here you also have a few different options. The options are title (the name of your video that people will see first) the description (just a small description of what viewers should expect when they click your video) and tags (keywords that indicate what type of video this is)
  7. You can also change your privacy options (public, unlisted, or private) and license. If you only want people that receive a direct link from you to see your video, select ‘unlisted’. Otherwise selecting ‘public’ is the best way to get as many viewers as possible.
  8. Once the progress bar at the top reaches 100%, your video is uploaded to the YouTube server. Depending on the size and the traffic on YouTube at that time, this can take anywhere from a few seconds to a few minutes. YouTube also provides you with a direct link to your video so you can start sending it out to people.

That completes the upload of your first video onto YouTube. You now have the ability to share it with others if you so choose. If you ever want to upload another video, you can simply use this tutorial to guide you through it.

Author Bio:- Rick Sarouk is a technology writer for RicksCouponPicks.com and Verizon. You can check out Verizon Fios Promotions to see all Verizon internet deals.

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