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How To Track Stolen Phone With A Phone Locator App?

Phone theft is a rising crime around the globe. Having your phone stolen or simply losing it is an everyday thing nowadays. With teens having the latest and expensive phone, losing one or having it stolen can mean a huge financial loss. Well, even if you have insurance, how will you protect the data in it from being misused? What if your teens phone lands in the hands of someone who misuses your contacts, social media to damage their image and then blackmails them for their personal information? It can and it does happen, a lot!

Track Stolen Phone

However, this absolutely doesn’t mean that a cell phone should be retrieved all alone. It can be far too dangerous; the tragic death of Jeremy Cook is a reminder to all teens that it can be fatal. So, what can you do to get back your teen’s phone safely while the data remains safe? One way could be to use phone locator apps. But first, let’s have a look at this infographic by marketplace.org, which shows that cell phone theft now makes up 30-40% crimes in the U.S.:

What to do in case of phone theft?

One of the self-help ways mentioned in the infographic is to use a mobile locator app, like FamilyTime.

Track Phone Location App

This app not only lets you track your phone’s location, but also lets you disable the phone from your Dashboard to make sure the data isn’t misused. To download this app, go now to your iTunes or Google Play Store.

In case of phone theft, use FamilyTime phone locator app to follow these 2 steps:

  • Remotely lock phone from your Dashboard to protect the data inside. Once locked you will receive an activation code which has to be entered in the child app to work again.
  • Next track the location of the phone and inform the police. Make it a point to not head out alone to get the phone back. Your work ends at providing the location. Let the police handle the rest.

Don’t take the law in your hands

If you want your teens to not put their life in danger by trying to get their phone back, have a talk with them before and even after you buy them a phone. Ensure them that you will not be upset but will do the right thing you can, to get their phone back. Healthy communication is the foundation of every relationship. Make sure your kids see you as a friend before a parent!

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