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How to Tell Other People Using Your Photos?

The boom of photo sharing websites has made the task of sharing photos with loved ones very easy. They have shortened the long distances and discarded the use of sharing anything through envelopes. With Internet, you can now share photos within few seconds after logging on your blog or uploading them on Facebook. That said, it is very important to be careful after uploading your pictures via internet because any unknown person can use them illegally. Internet is a huge network, which makes the task of monitoring the use of your photos by other websites very hard.  But, below you will find some ways to find such websites that have been illegally using your pictures.


1. To do a reverse image search, go to Tineye.com. There you will find two options that will help you search your desired photo. Upload your image or paste the image address and click “Search”. This will give you a series of thumbnails with their URL. The link will show you which websites have your picture.

2. Google also offers an option, called “Search by image”, where you can execute a reverse image search. First, go to the Google Images; then click on the “camera icon” which is located on the search bar. Next, upload the image or enter the link and click “Search”. Some results will be displayed with the thumbnail image and website links.

3. A commercial recovery service is also very useful. ImageRight monitors websites with unofficial, copyrighted photos. Their services do require a fee on your part, but it is very much worth it.

4. If you find that a single website is offering you multiple image referrals then know that they might be displaying pictures from your server. Websites such as Picasa, Photo bucket and Flicker offers their visitors a statistic page. These let you monitor the statistical information of viewers when they view your photos.

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