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How to Tell a Fantastic Online Shop from a Flop?

With the increasing amount of easy to use website building software and services out there, it seems building an online shop has become a bit of a trend. It’s easy enough, so with the right online tools to create a website, anyone can do it. From casual to dressy clothing, makeup, or accessories … there’s so much to see and so little time. So how can you parse out the good ones from the bad ones? Sometimes it is just experience and the luck of the draw, but the top online retailers will all have a few good things in common.

Impeccable Product

Unfortunately there isn’t always a way of knowing this ahead of time, but there is never anything more disappointing in online shopping than when you receive an item and it is of poor quality, damaged, or just doesn’t look the way that it did online. The only way to safeguard yourself against this is to read past customer reviews. Customer reviews are insanely powerful in many ways, for both the company and the customer, so don’t ever overlook them.

Fantastic Online Shop from a Flop

A Good Return Policy

In the event that you do receive a damaged item, or if the item just doesn’t fit you the way that you thought, having a very good and reliable return and exchange policy is of utmost importance. So, before you even think of adding an item to your cart, check out the site’s return policy first and read customer reviews to see how the process was for past shoppers.

Safe and Secure

This is obviously a big concern. Because an online shop is taking and processing your financial and personal information, you need to know that it is safe. Make sure that it is SSL certified, which is merely a certificate that shows you the site has been approved by an external party. You can tell that a site has this certification by the green padlock and green https URL extension in the browser. If you do not see this, best not use the site.

Diverse Payment Methods and Delivery Locations

Moreover, aside from being secure for browsing and purchasing, you want to make sure that it offers multiple safe payment options. The only other thing in online shopping that is more disappointing than receiving a bad-quality item is getting to the checkout and realizing that they don’t accept your method of payment or that they don’t ship to your location! So before you go through a whole shopping excursion and have to abandon a cart with 30 items in it, check from the very first item that you put in your cart that you are able to pay your way and get the item delivered to you without exception.

Excellent Customer Service

Probably one of the most important parts of an online shop is their customer service department. Again, this is something that you can read through reviews, but you can also send them a test inquiry and see how long it takes for them to respond to your email, as well as how helpful that response was. Also, take note as to whether they offer deals and freebies to new or returning customers, or if they offer free shipping. Usually if they do, they place a higher value on their customers.

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