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How to Start a Successful Blogging Career

Blogging Skills

There was a time when blogging just meant you have an online diary. All you talk about is what you did during the weekend, where you had your vacation, or your reflections about the things happening in your life. You did not need to think about internal linking, putting keywords, and recommending products which are part of your affiliate network.

Blogging has changed from an online journal to a business tool

Blogging has become a business now. It mixes the art of writing and the cunning of making a sales pitch, both of which require a level of creativity to accomplish.

This is why people who would like to become entrepreneurs start out with blogging. They get to interact with their target market on a personal level and obtain substantial information on what they are looking for in products or services just by creating content. Then there are some people who would prefer to make money writing about what they are interested in like films, books, and games — this is possible with blogging, too.

So whether you are doing this as a stepping stone for your business, as a money-making interest site, or you just want to entice companies to get you as their freelancer, here are essential tips for earning significantly through blogging.

Decide on a blogging platform

Of course, to start your blogging career, you must have your own website.

There are a number of Internet registrars you can choose from like Crazy Domains which will automatically set up your WordPress account once you buy hosting from them. Other blogging platforms include, but not limited to, Blogger, Tumblr, and Medium. Your choice should be based on ease-of-use and opportunities for marketing. The reason why WordPress is such a popular platform is because you can use lots of search engine optimization plugins, amazing customization features, and countless themes that are already adaptive.

Purchase your domain name

A domain name must not just be catchy, it must also relate to the topics that you are writing. For instance, if you are writing about films, your domain name can be cinephilethoughts.com or justfilmthings.com. There are times when your chosen domain name is already taken. In that case, you can use the domain lookup to find out if it’s already about to expire so you can get first dibs or find out how you can contact the domain owner and negotiate with them.

Keep it simple with your design

Remember that while aesthetic is what makes the first impression, easy navigation is what makes them stay. Especially for blogs, readers must find it easy to go from one tag to another or make searches, and the share buttons must be conveniently placed. Blogging platforms usually offer themes which are clean and professional looking. Aesthetic wise, you can easily drag and drop photos and graphics. Just make sure you have enough white space so that your website does not look cluttered so your readers do not get distracted from perusing your articles.

Create compelling content

Finally, you should write relevant, informative, and compelling content. Have a schedule for posting so that you can publish consistently. Target at least a once a week publishing, and then share them profusely on your social media channels and forums.

Your content must contribute to your reader’s knowledge, the blog’s longevity will rely heavily on that. Because if you were able to evoke an emotion from the reader or allowed them to reflect while reading your article, you bet they will share that on their own channels. This will help with your search engine ranking, and the same time expand your blog reach.

Do these tips and you can use this as your portfolio as a freelancer, apply for affiliate marketing, and offer ad space on your website. With good traffic, there is a big chance you will get paid by companies to write honest reviews for them, too. So keep writing regularly and you will be earning big in no time.

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