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How To Stand Out In Any Niche?

It’s no secret that the internet is over-saturated today, and it’s likely whatever you’ve put on your website, there’s a thousand other websites giving out the same products, advice, and tips elsewhere, so how do you capture your customers’ attention, build a relationship with them, and get their loyalty?

If you look at most advertising, you’ll quickly notice that is tries to compete with its competition using one (or all) of these things:

1)    Price
2)    Hype/fluff
3)    Laundry lists of features

But EVERYONE is making these claims, and using these techniques… so how do you stand out from the competition?

I’d like to give you a three simple tips you can use to instantly transform your marketing message, communicate clearly in a way that builds a powerful, emotional, and personal connection with your readers, and makes your readers feel more connected with you than any blog or brand they’ve ever met in their life.

1. Start With Why

Many businesses and marketers will proudly talk about how great their product is, brag about how much “powerful” people love them with testimonials, and tell you all about how the competition can’t keep up with them.

But there’s one question 99% of marketers/companies forget to address:

WHY they’re doing what they’re doing.

Think about it:

How many businesses or bloggers do you actually see talking about why they’re building their products, what their motivation/purpose is for existing, or why they’re doing anything they do, other than out of necessity to make money?

They show off their products, talk about the features, tell you why the product is great, but almost no company ever creates a real, emotional connect with readers through its products, mission, or services, which brings me to the key secret to standing out in any niche or business.

2. Have A Purpose

We know that most people in the working world are always looking for raises, advancement, and better job offers, and will leave a company at the drop of hat.

But did you know that when Walt Disney was starting out, his company was piling on debt, and he had no way to pay his employees, that many of his employees worked for FREE.

Sounds crazy, right?

So why did they work for nothing?

The truth is they were working for something.

They were working for a purpose.

They were working to build the future, transform the world, and leave a legacy… and they were promised money in the event of success.

They were all PASSIONATE about what they were doing, and they all had a vision of transforming the world that was greater than anything else; they were on a mission to do something meaningful with their lives.

3. Inspire Others With A Vision

As humans we connect with things through MEANING, PURPOSE, and STORIES.

We’re constantly striving to feel like we’re getting better every day, growing, and we want the STORY in our minds of achievement of something amazing, and knowing that we’ve done something impossible, or that we believed we couldn’t do, and showed others what we, and others, are truly capable of.

For example, if Microsoft says, “this new version of Windows has better multitasking, faster boot times, a new version of Windows Media Player, and a pretty new interface.”

Next, Apple says, “we’ve always wanted to build the best operating systems and computers on the entire planet, and we love to keep pushing the limits of what’s possible, and we want to create an experience that is unlike anything you’ve ever seen before; we’re working to create the best computing experience in the world inside and out.”

Which product are you going to want to buy?

Notice the second example didn’t rattle off any specific features like the first one, but that Apple’s example expresses WHY they’re doing what they’re doing, and those who resonate with their goals know they’ll benefit from the product, and they want to share in Apple’s dream of building the best computers on the planet.

The only way you’re going to stand out in your niche or business, and build real, loyal relationships with your customers, is to convert your marketing from a focus on the products themselves, to focusing on WHY you created those products; the dream, the story, the desire to change the world, and start selling people a dream, and you’ll be amazed at the transformation you’ll see in your business, in your products, in your customers, and in your life.

Author Bio:- Chris Nosal writes about marketing and does consultations through his Apple Marketing Secrets blog. You can visit his blog for more free articles and advice, or to download his free eBook.

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