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How to Stage Your Blog Before Launching a Blog Contest?

Have you ever heard the term “home staging”? It happens to be a very common term used amongst real estate professionals while referring to the preparation (i.e. staging) of a real estate property when a prospective client is visiting. Good staging can improve the chances of the property getting sold at good price, as compared to a home or office that’s left in a mess.

Good staging is equally important and beneficial when you’re about to launch a blog contest. Blog contest is a wonderful tool to get your blog into the limelight for an extended period. You can get lots of free promotion, buzz, and all, and your blog will continue to reap the benefits even after the contest is over. However, to launch a successful contest, there’s a lot that you’ll have to do prior to the announcement. There are three types of stake holders (namely sponsors, participants, and audience) and you need to perk up your blog for each of them to get the maximum benefits.

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Staging your blog for sponsors

Sponsors will play the most important role in the success (or failure) of a blog contest, the bigger the prizes and the rewards, the better the buzz. If you can get hold of a couple of strong sponsors, half of your job is completed, but that’s easier said than done. Your sponsors will pore over your blog from many angles before investing any money at all. First of all, they will be interested in having a look at the blog statistics like daily unique visitors, average time they spend on your blog, monthly visitors, number of subscribers, and all. Google analytics can provide you with all of these statistics, but of course you will have to spend some time in achieving impressive statistics. You should also focus on the appearance of your blog, a good sponsor wouldn’t like to have its logo getting promoted somewhere between a clutter of ads and banners, so you must be having a clean and tidy blog.

Staging for the participants

After the sponsors, it is the participation that will fuel the contest while providing the much needed impetus. Sizeable rewards will do a lot in attracting the participants, but that’s not all. You need to write an interesting sales pitch to sell the idea of the contest, entice the participants with the benefits apart from the rewards (e.g. recognition, feedback, excitement or whatever you can come up with). While laying out the requirements, terms, and conditions, make sure that you are not discouraging the participants by using harsh words. Instead you should try your best to encourage the newbie for taking part regardless of their chances of winning.

Staging for the audience

Audience is important, because it’s their vote that will decide the winners. Even if you’ve got your own judging panel, they must take the audience response into consideration while choosing the winners. Many participants will be looking for appreciation and recognition even more than the $100 prize, so make sure you’re providing them with knowledgeable audience. You’ll have to build your blog readership gradually, but other than that, you can get some fellow bloggers on the judging panel, chances are that they will share it with their readers and some of their readers will stop at your blog to take a look at what’s going around. Let the readers vote to make them feel more privileged and to encourage them to read more carefully. In fact, you can set aside a small reward for those who take out some time to go through the entries, vote, praise, or criticize when necessary.

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