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How To Setup Your YouTube Account and Decide Your Channel Name?

Unless you are a complete newbie or have lived under a rock since 2006, you will probably have a YouTube account already! If not, (which is unlikely), go to YouTube.com and click on sign in link and you will see this button to the top of your page. You should have a Gmail account.

create youtube

You can either use your existing Gmail account or create a new id for your YouTube Channel. We suggest not using your personal mail address. In case you have to sell your YouTube channel later, you may not mess up your personal mailbox. Once you click the CREATE AN ACCOUNT button, you get a simple signup form where you can create your new YouTube account. The form is very self explanatory go ahead and create your account.

youtube creation

Tip: If you already have a Gmail account, you can use that to setup your YouTube account.

Hopefully you have already decided on a great name for your Channel and now have setup a channel for that successfully. If everything goes fine, you should be getting a “You are now registered with YouTube!” message with a green strip as shown below.

Now, that your channel is ready, let us do some essential customizations required on the channel profile. Now, click on the small drop down arrow which will open a popup where you need to click on ‘My Channel’.

Channel Setting

The My Channel link opens up the below page where you will be asked to give a name to your channel. By now, you should have your brand name ready right? Just check if that name is available and name your channel. Boom. You’re done. Your own broadcasting station is ready!

You can use this short sexy URL as your channel address too! Normally, it will be like www.youtube.com/user/YOURCHANNELNAME. That will be discussed in how to get your YouTube vanity URL section shortly.

Broadcast your YouTube Channel

Now that your channel is ready to storm, let us understand some essential settings you should make. You should edit your channel by clicking on My Channel -> Channel Settings as shown below. You will have to play around the three tabs… Appearance / Info and Settings / Tabs.

Most of the settings will be self explanatory but the important settings are on the Info and Settings tab where you will have to be very careful. We suggest you include the keywords in the description box and in the Tags section.

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