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How To Setup Sharing In Windows 7 Easily?

Today in this business oriented world where everything matters a lot on the success and the completion of the task very accurately and in the prescribed limit of time, the efficiency of the machine and its applications matter a lot. As there is a strong rapport between the different departments of a successful organization as they have to share the data amongst them about any object or product of that organization. So they need a very fine and expert file sharing system due to which they can share their files in a very short time and between any numbers of computers connected to the network. As every person be it professional or any other user, he needs to share the files like any document, photos, music etc.

File sharing between the computers or laptops depends on various factors which affect their speed of transfer and its accuracy. Like the operating system of the computers to be shared for the file transferring matters a lot as this factor decides that the file transfer will be done with ease or not.

Further it also depends on the factor that the file are transferred or shared through wired router or wireless router as other things like cookies affect the performance, which should be well monitored before the file sharing so that the users should not face any kind of impediment during the file sharing which otherwise causes a great problem.

Generally there is a lot of ease for file sharing when there are windows 7 loaded on the computers. The windows xp is also an alternative option.

There are various methods for setting the file sharing on computers:

Setting up of home network

The user needs to set up the home network for sharing the files. This is the best feature of the windows 7 and also this is the easiest method for file sharing. Home network is also used for the internet connection setting and printer setting which helps the users in many ways by accomplishing their tasks in a speedy way. The first one allows using the internet connection like the Wi-Fi and the second one helps in printing the documents on the printer. For connecting the computers on a home group the hardware part of the network should be build where all the other computers that need to be shared will participate in the network. On using the Share with right click menu then it will automatically create a shared folder.

Placing files in the public folder

This is the second method for sharing the files between the computers having the operating system of windows 7. The user should place the files in the public folder which he or she wants to share with other computers. It is located in Users on the system hard disk. The user should turn on the public folder sharing as by default it is off. It is a better method and efficient also.

Advanced file sharing

This is the third method which is used for the file sharing on the windows 7 computers. Though it is somewhat difficult to use but it is the most powerful method for the file sharing. It is a very logical method besides it is very complex. In this method, higher degree of control is given to the user who is accessing it and also to the data that is being shared between the computers.

So by using the efficient and user friendly methods of the windows 7 for the file sharing even a naïve user can share the files with other computers very easily.

Author Bio:- Ilya Elbert writes for several IT Services Portland and Portland Computer Repair national service organizations.

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  • Abhisek Das

    March 26, 2012, 8:57 am

    Good explanation. Many people get confused how to share their files and folders in Windows 7 and I think this post might answer their questions. Nice post Bilal 🙂

  • vince

    March 19, 2012, 8:47 pm

    Thanks a really nice post and topic that you raised here, because sharing files on my computers was always something similar to black magic for me. 🙂 Now, the goods news is that I followed your instructions and I was able to do that. So, if it’s still magic, but white one 🙂


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