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How to Restore Lost Information from Hard Drive?

After loosing valuable data in case of hard drive failure, accidental data deletion and so on, your best bet at recovering damaged hard drive data is taking the help of any powerful data recovery software. Those software’s are capable to undelete any files or folders that were cleaned from recycle bin or become corrupted or inaccessible due to virus, abrupt system shutdown, registry corruption and so on. You will be guided throughout this article on importance of recovery software especially in data disasters conditions and steps to successfully restore damaged files.

Things to Have

Hard Drive Data Recovery Software

Step 1

List of recovery software’s are available but choosing the best could be the biggest hurdle for normal PC user. Tough, you can check out the popular software reviewing website named ‘Top Ten Reviews’ to find out the 2012 Best Data Recovery Software.

You should start with the recovery software such as Stellar Phoenix or R-Studio. After downloading and installing the product, run the software and you will most likely to be presented with a wizard screen options that offers different drive data recovery options. Every option will use a separate recovery methods depending on what you need to restore, so choosing the right one is important e.g. If have some deleted files on your hard drive and want to recover it, choose the ‘Quick Recovery’ option. If you have damaged or formatted data, chose ‘Formatted recovery’ option.

Step 2

After choosing the recovery technique, you will get two scanning option ‘Fast Scan’ & ‘Deep Scan’. If the first option don’t seems to work or can’t able to locate the deleted files, it would be better to go with ‘deep scan’ trough which you can categorize your search based on specific file types i.e., .png, .wmv, .jpg, .mov etc, deleted file size, date created and so on.

Remember, the more specific your search criteria, the better the odds of locating your damaged data.

Step 3

After selecting the scanning method, a wizard screen will be flashed on your screen to choose the problem device containing your troubled data to search, which in your case would be any of the hard drive partitions. This wizard option is to more categorize your search by targeting the area that will be scanned to search your valuable data.

Step 4

Start the scan operation and soon you will see a generated list of deleted files and folders. Select any of the files you want to recover and click ‘OK’. If the file is too damaged and beyond recovery, the software will shows error message like ‘File is corrupted or heavily damaged’. Some software’s are free to see the preview of recoverable files but you must register it for full recovery.


Avoid using the disk immediately after accidental data deletion or formatting because doing this will overwrite the data and make it permanently non recoverable. All the aforementioned steps should be performed on a different PC.


100% recovery is not possible in all cases. If the drive is heavily damaged or deleted data become severely corrupted then data recovery software won’t recover any data. So purchase the software at your own risk and do check ratings or discuss it with friends or colleagues about the product.

Author Bio:- Oliver is a data recovery specialist and part time blogger contribute many articles on Hard Drive Data Recovery Software, Hardware failure, data loss reasons etc. You can follow Oliver on Google+ to get updates about data recovery products.

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