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How to Rank Mobile Application High at iStore?

There are many ways to rank your mobile application high at istore. Google and Apple are too much concerned about mobile application ranking and it can be only being achieved if app is properly advertised. So it all depends how many users are downloading a mobile app. Mobile app market is overwhelmed with new mobile apps every day, once an app is developed it is ready for marketing . Marketers, in order to make it successful use some markets tactics that is essential for mobile app popularity and business. The question is how does this ranking is measured?

The two main app store Google Android and Apple App store measured the ranking of an app with respect to algorithms that depends on different factors and number of downloads. Android encourage for mobile app ranking incentivized marketing but its time taking. For an app ranking incentivized download traffic proves vital and people will rush to get this app which has so many incentives in terms of cash or bonus points. But such marketing tactics are more applicable in apple iOS that on Android.

If you are going to market your product then think about your audience and advertise your mobile app. A specific marketing mechanism is required to establish the ranking of your mobile app. The nature of the audience is to be understand what they like and what they don’t how can they approach this mobile app, think what your customers want to achieve from this mobile app and that the objective of this mobile app is to provide maximum benefits to the users. In this way a mobile app can get success in specific marketplace.

Generate Traffic Sources:

In order to improve mobile app ranking following tactics can be used.

  • Paid marketing
  • Mobile ad network
  • Incentivized traffic

Mobile app testing company can play a key role in this regard to make your mobile app user friendly. If mobile app is bug free and user friendly then it will definitely add worth and will rank mobile application high in iStore. Successful Mobile application testing  wins the  half battle, dispose your all resources, use all marketing tactics but if your mobile app has bugs and is not user friendly then all of your resources would be futile. Instead of ranking higher in iStore it may cause a loss of reputation. Mobile app testing totally depends upon software testing company/ companies how they perform testing and make it functionally more secure.

Author Bio:- It is Muhammad JunaidIqbal currently working with a famous software testing company, offering software testing services, automation testing services, software quality assurance, software performance testing as well as software mobile app testing.

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