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How To Prevent Computer Catastrophes?

Ah, you may have had such an experience when you look at the computer screen and/or press a button on the keyboard only to say Oops! When this happens, the list of things we could have done to prevent it starts roaming through our mind. Well, before it happens again, let me remind you some of the things you need to keep in check.

Handle Your Laptop With Care

If you are using a laptop, consistently remind yourself not to bump on the AC Power Adapter plug of your laptop as this can lead to a major problem. In most cases, it can either lead to port fluctuations which will affect the normal power and recharge of the laptop battery or worst still snap off the motherboard which is very expensive to repair. To this end, you must be conscious of your ever step while working with your laptop, don’t try moving it by grasping the screen and don’t allow your children to play with it.

Protect Your Laptop from Extreme Temperatures

As flexible as laptops are, it can be easily taken to the board meeting, to relaxation joints where we can still type a few post ideas on a word editing application or perhaps to a client for some discussion on certain projects. Whatever the reason you may need to take your laptop with you, ensure that you don’t leave it in the car during the freezing days of winter or during extreme sunshine. These are weather conditions that can put the good working condition of your computer in jeopardy.

Don’t Use Unsafe Service Sites

If you are like me, you probably like to send customized eCards as a means of keeping in touch with co-workers and even family members. However, while you may find that many sites offer such digital product creations services for free, I prefer using proven, safe sites like Mixbook and Snapily which, yes, may have some financial costs but provide unequal service with some safety. I don’t have to worry about auto-installation of spywares or ad-ons, or worst still the problem of downloading infected finished products that can cause huge computer catastrophes. Hence instead of looking for free service sites or ways of getting predesigned calendar templates, photo enhancement software programs and their likes that may pose some potential threat to your computer and the data it contains, it is better to find great deals by leveraging on coupons in well known digital service sites like Snapily coupon or Mixbook coupon. This will not only help in preventing computer catastrophe but provide you the best value.

Protection Against Thunderstorms

We are not all scientists but some of us have seen those sparks along power lines during thunderstorms. Imagine having your computer plugged to power during such conditions. Even if you are using an insured surge protector, nothing will compensate you for the loss of a critical data. Therefore, it is necessary that you unplug your computer off any power plug, including the network cables to avoid a direct hit from such overcharge electron flows caused by thunderstorms.

Desist From Self Computer Hardware Repairs

Contrary to what we read everywhere on the internet about DIY projects, if you are not qualified, please don’t attempt to repair your computer yourself. Unlike desktop computers, laptops are designed in small sizes with all of its components packed close to each other. Hence any repair attempt that does not correct the indented fault may end up causing more computer catastrophes. The truth is, if you have never repaired your television screen, DVD player or even your mobile phone when it develops a fault, why make such attempts on your PC? Considering the sensitive data stored in your PC, it is really a bad idea to attempt any DIY hardware repairs as you may end up paying more both through financially or data loss.

Don’t Overload Your Computer with Applications

If you are not running a game house on your PC, why install every fancy software program you can find? From those applications that will turn your mouse into an animal graphic to those desktop screen savers and walls papers that can turn your desktop into a lifeless wildlife in a second, despite serving as an unnecessary distractions take very much memory space and can cause computer catastrophes. Stick with those programs that will keep your computer safe and help you to make your professional life safer and easier. Install only those software programs you need; if you are not sure whether you need the service of a particular program yet, better leave it uninstalled.

Nobody knows when that blue dreaded screen error message will appear. But we can all ensure that it never happens by observing certain factors regarding what we do with and how we handle our computer.

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