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How to Pick A Laptop for Longevity Purposes

Laptops are quickly becoming the computer of choice among those who need the working power of a traditional desktop and the portability of a tablet. Yet all laptops are not created equal. When you purchase a laptop computer you can spend an awful lot of money yet still get a piece of equipment that’s not very durable or long-lasting.

Not only is such a computer a waste of money, it can also be a source of a lot of frustration when things begin to break down.

If you’re ready to look for a new laptop that will last, look for the following things:

Well Built Case – Computer manufacturers are prone to using lightweight plastic in order to keep both the weight and cost of laptops down.

Dell Latitude E6400

Make Sure to Look at the Keyboard

However, the one problem this presents lies in the fact that such lightweight plastics are hardly durable for anyone who actually takes his computer on the go. It’s worth a few extra ounces to get a computer with a heavy duty case. You don’t necessarily need to buy a military grade computer with a shell made of metal, but look for something a bit more sturdy than a toy.

You may look at a particular model and notice the keys seem a bit flimsy and thin. You may also notice there is a little too much play while you’re trying to type. Both of these things are a sign of a keyboard that’s likely to lose a key or two in the coming years. You need a sturdy keyboard that won’t fall apart, especially if you do a lot of typing.

Important Things To Understand About Laptops

Sufficient Ventilation – The biggest enemy of any computer is heat. Laptops are especially susceptible to heat-related issues because their compact nature limits airflow through the case. When searching for a laptop that will last make sure you look underneath and along the sides for ventilation. There should be ventilation holes in the back, where the CPU and battery are, and a couple near the front to help cool the hard drive and other electronic components.

Hinge System – Despite the fact that many people are most concerned about the internal components of a laptop, those components are usually not where failures occur. The quality of today’s hardware sees to that. On the other hand, the two areas of greatest failure are the touchpad and hinge system. There’s nothing you’ll be able to glean from a cursory examination of the touchpad, but the hinges are a different story.

Look for metal hinges rather than flimsy plastic ones. If those hinges fail you could end up breaking your display; a repair that could cost more than it’s worth.

In terms of the CPU, video and sound cards, wireless card, and hard drive, most brand name components will outlive the usefulness of the computer with proper care. As long as you stick with brand name components you should be fine.

Author Bio:- David Borg is a writer who works with Dell. When he isn’t working, he’s out enjoying the hot sun in Texas with his children. For more information on Dell laptops David recommends visiting Dell.Ca

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