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How to Optimize your Social Media Strategy: 3 Tips for Success

There is a tendency to think that social media is a simple and easy to comprehend marketing tool, and one that provides businesses with the ability to interact in real time with a vast target market. While there is more than a semblance of truth in these viewpoints, however, creating a generally successful social media strategy for your business requires for some than the investment of time. With this in mind, it is important to think very carefully about the way in which you seek to engage potential customers, and how best to optimize the technology that you have at your disposal.

3 Ways to Optimize your Brands Social Media Performance

So what practical measures can you take to ensure that your social media strategy fulfills its potential? Consider the following: –

Evaluate your Brand and Market

While creating a Facebook page would theoretically give you access to more than 845 million potential customers, it means little unless you are have identified a target market and the way in which your brand can be of benefit to it. There are many different social media websites with a number of alternative functions, and some of these will be better suited to your business that others. So while service orientated businesses may prefer to use the written word to promote themselves through resources such as Twitter, product driven firms are likely to benefit from audio visual tools that can showcase their goods.

Create an Integrated Strategy

From this foundation of knowledge you can develop an integrated social media strategy, and one that takes in a number of different sites as part of a fully targeted campaign. While Facebook is most likely to form the focal point of your activities, you may well want to assess additional resources such as Google +, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube and Pinterest, in order to understand which of these offers the best advantage to your business. Bear in mind that there is a significant divide in terms of the user base and content creation across these sites, so your choice must be based on a clear vision of your brand, product or service.

Be Flexible When Creating your Strategy

The nature of social media is evolutionary, as established resources diversify their service and new websites emerge regularly. To see an example of this you need look no further than the rapid rise of relatively new social media outlet Pinterest, through which brands, nonprofits and individuals can use imagery to present their service and interact with fellow site members. Although it has existed for less than 2 years, it has quickly established itself as the third most widely used social media resource behind market leaders Facebook and Twitter. As a business leader, it is crucial that you keep in touch with market trends as they develop, as be prepared to adapt your strategy to incorporate new resources that can boost your campaign.

The Bottom Line

These steps will not only help you to develop a purposeful social media strategy from the outset, but also ensure that you are able to sustain its performance over a prolonged period of time. Remember that the key lies in the word ‘strategy’, which means that you must invest time, thought and research into understanding each social media resource and the whether or not they are compatible with your brand. Without this targeted approach, you run the genuine risk of missing out on genuine interaction and future sales conversions.

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