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How to Manually Backup your WordPress Blog?

This is one of the most important thing you must do when you are running a self hosted wordpress blog. If webhosting account is crashed or hacker tried to hack your blog then you need to have a backup copy so that you restore immediately. This can happen any time so make sure that you are prepared for it.

Creating a backup copy of your database and themes files are very important, because in case of any crash or hack attempt you can always restore your data.

manually backup wordpress database

How to Backup DataBase?

Go to your cpanel and click on MySQL Database, select the data base and download it your PC.. Now all the post and plugin data will be stored in your computer. You can always upload this database any time to your wordpress blog through MySQL Database restore option.

There is also plugin called WordPress Database Backup which will make this task even easier for you. Download this plugin and install in your wordpress plugin directory. Activate it and go the the plugin area. Select the Database and click on the Download Button and that’s it.

Make a Backup of your wordpress Database on regularly basis. This is very important for you, so make sure to back up your blog.

How to Backup your Blog Files?

You will need to backup your theme files and the upload folder to keep your data stored in your computer. In order to do this simply go to your cPanel. Go to “File Manager” and select your desired blog.

If you want to download the entire blog then simply right click on your blog name and “Compress” it. After the folder is compressed, download to your blog.

OR if you want to download only specific folder, e.g Themes, Uploads or WP-Content then simply compress it and download to your computer.

It is recommended to first download the whole blog folder and then just update your backup copy with the files you have made changes to. Your “Upload” file is the one where your recent images, videos or any other publicly accessible data are stored. Just make sure to backup this folder on regularly basis.

Alternative you can also use FileZilla Software to download your blog files to your computer. FileZilla is a FTP client which allows you to access your webhosting via FTP details. If you don’t have your FTP login info you can ask from your Webhosting account. However in most cases your cPanel Username and Password are the same for FTP login. However one additional information required by the FileZilla is your host. The host can be ftp.yourdomain.com OR if it is different then you will need to confirm from your webhosting provider. Another information is the port name and in most cases it would be 21.

After logging in to your webhosting via FileZilla you can simply drag your blog files to your computer.

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