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How to Make your Content go Viral?

Blogging is not a difficult thing, but to be a successful blogger of course is not an easy task. Unless you are Kim Kardashian derriere, have just discovered Ashton Kutcher, or sing as badly as Rebecca Black, it is highly unlikely that something you post online will become an instant sensation. There are, however, some smart things you can do to ensure that your content leaves a lasting impression in the online world.

Good content, bad idea

Bored people at work and teenagers make a huge chunk of the internet population. Usually they are just looking for anything ridiculous to break the monotony. You will be surprised to know that on most days, it’s the stupid and pointless things that become viral.

Brief is bingo

These days, no one has the time or the energy to read a long-winded article or sit through a time-consuming video. Brevity is the key to make it go viral.

List your post

People love clarity, which is why short, concise lists always get attention. Whether it is “Ten things you hate”, or “Five things you love about a particular phone/person/vacation spot”, writing lists is relatively easy to do, and always gets the audience hooked.

Keep it relevant

Creating content about something that’s already making the rounds is bound to get more attention from viewers. This is why things like celebrity gossip sites, discussion forums and reviews about upcoming blockbuster films always get the viewers attention.

Keep it mysterious

When writing the headline of an article or video, make sure it’s sensational (even if it’s not exactly true) to get the reader’s attention, but keep the details close. Even in the body leave few questions unanswered that will make the audience research more about the topic; or better yet, engage in a comment war with others.

Nail the thumbnail

When creating content, pay close attention to the thumbnail. The image must be eye-catching and of high quality. You can even change the thumbnail every now and then to give your content a fresh look.

Value their vanity

We live in a highly narcissistic age. Content that brings the focus back on the audience and makes them feel good about themselves is bound to go viral. Topics that ignite a strong emotion in people are bound to get your content a large number of views.

Say a little prayer

Before you post your content, say a silent prayer and leave it to the internet gods to make it go viral. Funny thing about the internet is that no one can ever predict an outcome. It works in magical, mysterious ways. Here’s to hoping it works in your favor.

Author Bio:- This is guest post by Sohail Qasir. He writes about technology review and share articles about software training.

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