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How to Make your Blog an Influencer in your Niche?

If you’re starting a niche blog–whether your industry is water balloons or wine–you likely have your sights set on climbing to the top of your niche.  To do so, will take persistence, patience and an abundance of top-quality content.  Here are a few tips on how you can separate yourself from the pack and make your blog an influencer in your industry.

make blog influence

Always have your facts straight

If you want to leapfrog to the top of your industry, you must demonstrate to readers that you have significant knowledge and experience with the subject matter at hand.  For this reason, make sure your information is always accurate.  The web is a world saturated with rumors, speculation and poorly-vetted information and unfortunately much of that information is passed from blog to blog.  Resist the temptation to spread news that you’re not sure is accurate.  Additionally, when researching products, people or news, use reliable, primary-source information to ensure accuracy.

Interview everyone

Most people love being interviewed, because it signifies that people are genuinely interested in what they have to say.  If you’re trying to make your blog a hub for industry dialogue, seek out those with significant knowledge and ask them if you can do a Q and A for your blog.  Consider extending this conversation to not only big names at the top of your industry, but also smaller companies, publications and individuals.  You never know when these individuals will gain influence and establishing relationships with them early on is a great idea.  Additionally, by giving them attention on your blog, they’re likely to return the favor.

Make Smaller Blogs Your Evangelists

While having a link from one big blog or getting some of your content re-tweeted by an industry leader can be a boon for your blog, it’s important not to overlook the influence of smaller bloggers.  Search the web for all blogs in your niche and link to any interesting content that you find–regardless of how little traffic you think that blog may get.  If your link brings traffic to a fellow blogger, he or she will likely spread the love back to you via social media promotion.

Create content that MUST be talked about

One of the biggest mistakes that new bloggers make is focusing solely on the quantity of content and not the quality.  If you want to leap to the front of the pack in your industry, you need to do something to generate attention.  Consider spending extra time producing content that you think has a chance to go viral.  One good example of this is creating a piece of content that takes a controversial or provocative angle on a compelling issue in your industry.  If done tactfully, such an approach has a good chance of generating a big response.