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How To Make the Most Out of Your Old iPod

Perhaps a decade ago, when it was first released, my iPod must have been the most valued electronic gadget I have ever owned in my life. Now, it is boxed with the old stuff in our attic, collecting dust while in hibernation.

Who could blame me? With my iPhone, I can accomplish anything without needing anything else.

But is that it? I’ll just say goodbye to the money I paid for my iPod and its sentimental value?

Luckily, I found interesting insights on repurposing my old iPod. It may not bring back its glory days but at least, it still serves a purpose.

1# Convert it into my portable backup

Instead of spending more money into buying external drives or memory cards, I intend to load up my file archives into my old iPod in just a few steps. First, I just need to defrag the system in order to restore it to its fluid function. And then second, enable the “Disk Mode” so that my PC or laptop can read it like a USB drive.

2# Transform it into a personal stereo.

I have a friend who owns a 1st gen iTouchthat has a dysfunctional Home button. Unfortunately, the Assistive Touch option was not yet enabled and so the device was just useless. Instead of contacting an iPod repair service, my friend attached a USB cord to it and plugged it in a car stereo. Now, the stereo can play songs from iTunes despite the malfunction.

If you still have an iPod in good shape, you can also plug it into any speaker and spare your smart phone some extra memory from various songs.

3# Make it a handy Flash player

If you don’t own an iPad, or if you also find an iPad too tedious to bring in public places like me, then you can use your former iTouch to prep you for an exam or a presentation. You can also use some note-taking apps to convert your iPod into an electronic to-do list or an instant recorder.

4# Make it a universal remote control

If your old iPod is an iTouch, you can still download apps online to convert it into a universal remote control. This way, you won’t have to fret if your TV remote control has gone missing.

5# Transform it into a personal game console.

When it comes to memory storage, Apple devices are just divine. In this case, you can save your smartphone some memory from games that you seldom play by loading it up on your old iPod. This way, you have the liberty to play them whenever you feel like it without having to search for them again on the iTunes store.

So what are your plans for your old iPod? Come tell us through a comment below!

Author Bio:- Jay Manangan is a online marketing strategist for Repair Labs and Fix-iphones, An industry-recognized specialist in computer and gadget repair. He spends most of his time on the internet, reading technology and computer blogs. He’s the axeman of a band called “ManMinusMachine”.

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