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How to Make Complete Checkout Process in a Single Step?

Magento is one of major e-commerce software, which is still in the try out edition. It can be even called as the next great e-commerce system. If you are planning to build a shop online,then Magento is the right application to look for. With the reputation of internet and the capability to arrive at clients across the planet, e-commerce sites have become highly sought after. If you can send products to different areas around the planet and if you have services useful for people across the planet, you will advantage from a Magento web shop. Magento application can be used to make e-commerce sites that are difficult to make.

checkout process

Having known to be a successful open source e-commerce platform, Magento has taken away web designing to another world. Magento comes with several extensions and the one which is currently popular on the field is, the ‘One Step Checkout ‘ extension.  It is really much complicated to complete a normal checkout process while placing an order online. At times, customers lose their patience and simply give up the idea of placing the order due to this hectic process. A check out process has all to do with whether the customer is placing an order or not. The One Step Checkout module is entirely aimed at simplifying the customer needs.

In this extension, all the six Magento checkout steps are simplified and combined to a single one. All those unwanted fields and questions have been removed to make it easy for customers to fill-in. The extension runs on all versions of Google Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Internet Explorer and Safari.

Customers and e-sellers have their own unique benefits from using the features of this extension.

Feature-benefits to e-shop owners:

There is a default payment method set within this One Step Checkout extension. You have options to change the page title and description. It allows you to set the discount coupons on the check out page itself, so that the buyers will be motivated on the purchase. With a single .csv file, you can allow translation options to the page. You also have enabling and disabling options for adding the fields like company name, address, and fax. Graphic changes can be made with a css file. It is up to you to set the automatically updated payment method or shipping method for customers abroad. There are also image options to change the color of your web page. The embedded administration panel in Magento takes the entire control on the check out page and hence you can modify the One Step Checkout  as per your wish.

Feature-benefits to customers:

With this One Step Checkout  extension, customers need not have to go through the formal six check out pages. You have options to create an account or not. There is just one single check out page and each time you a enter data, the page automatically gets refreshed through Ajax. Coupon codes are available on the checkout page, so that you can add them directly from there. Hence you need not have to go to a separate page and select the coupon codes. Likewise, it is not needed to end the checkout page and start from the beginning, if you have to add any item extra from the cart. There are options for newsletter subscriptions too. You need not have to create an account if you are a guest.

With this extension, customers find to come through an easy check-out which in turn increase the sales factor of e-stores. So e-stores, if you have not started using the product so far, go give a try. You will certainly find good results. Cheers!

Author Bio:- This post was written by John Christev, who loves blogging. He also loves sharing ideas on various areas of e-commerce and develops Magento One Page Checkout.

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