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How to Make Blog Posts a Light Read (Using the Conversational Tone)

Part of what makes blogs popular is because they’re entertaining yet informative. They make for a light read, compared to news articles, journal articles, and other types of content. To make blog posts a light read, you should use a conversational tone instead of a formal tone. Not only does a formal tone make your blog post more difficult to understand, it also makes you, the writer, more detached from your reader. On the contrary, using a conversational tone is more effective in engaging the reader and in enabling them to relate to what you’re talking about in your blog.

So how do you use the conversational tone?

Pretend like you’re telling a story to your friend

The main tip in using the conversational tone is to just pretend that you’re telling a story to your friend. When you tell a story, you’re animated or you convey some emotions. You also make effective use of transitions (then, when, although, etc.).

Telling a story: Guess what? I just saw some amazing deals on Amazon.com yesterday. They have some nice bags and gadgets on sale. You might want to check them out.

Formal tone: Amazon.com has an ongoing sale on several items. These include bags and gadgets. Log on to Amazon.com for more information. (Doesn’t sound like you’re talking to your friend, does it?)

Avoid using jargons

Even when you’re writing about something technical, try to avoid using technical terms that only users with a technical background would understand. With your content being viewed by Web users from practically anywhere in the world, try to use the simplest words possible. If you really must use a jargon then try to define it in your post.

Using jargon: Perform a cold boot after you install the program.

Without jargon: After the installation of Software ABC completes, turn off your computer and then turn it on again.

In the same manner, use simple words. For example, use get instead of obtain or use show instead of exhibit.

Avoid using the third person

Use the first and second persons whenever possible. This makes the reader feel like you’re talking to them, which helps them more easily understand what you’re trying to talk about.

Third person: When consumers make purchases online, they should ensure that they’re buying from well-known and credible online stores.

Second person: When you make purchases online, make sure that you buy from well-known and credible online stores.

Avoid using the passive voice

Use the active voice whenever possible as this makes your content more easily understood and less ambiguous.

Passive voice: Coupons are offered by some products in order to allow their consumers to get discounts.

Active voice: Some products offer coupons, which allow you to get discounts.

Author Bio:- Reina Marie Gonzales is a professional technical writer who currently works full time as a freelance writer. Click freelance essay writing jobs to find out more about freelance writing jobs.

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