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How to Make a Facebook Page with FBML

Facebook has so many users, which is why it needs to be updated each and every second; this social network also has to be improved and made better and better in order to meet the requirements of its users. Taking into account that this number is approaching one billion, it is easy to see that answering to everyone’s questions and demands can be quite a challenge. To add to this, Facebook is not used only by people who are looking for the best way to stay in touch with their friends, but it is also used by many business owners. This means that this social networking site has invested a lot of time and effort into hosting businesses from around the world, as Facebook serves as a home page to many of them.

How Much Do You Know about FBML?

With so many new things Facebook is introducing its users to almost each and every day, it is easy to miss some of the latest changes made on the site – there are many. This is why many users don’t have knowledge about some of Facebook’s features, unless they have to start using them. FBML is one of those terms, and not many people are familiar with it. In order to help you understand it here will be given a simple explanation of this term. FBML is an acronym for Facebook Markup Language, and to be more precise, this is an application that has proven to serve well to a great number of Facebook users.

Installing the App and How to Use It

In order to be able to use the FBML application, you need to install it first. Finding this app is fairly easy, as most of the how-to articles will share a link to the app. After you install this application, you will have to add it to your Facebook page. This is also very simple, as all you have to do is press the ‘Add to my page’ button. After this, hit this button next to any page you want to add this application to, and the work is pretty much done.

Making a New Tab with FBML

After you have installed the FBML application, you will be ready to make a FBML page. You will do this by going to your page, find the button entitled ‘Edit Page’, and click it. The button is located at the upper left part of your page, just below the image. There, you will find an option entitled ‘FBML’ which you will click in order to find the ‘Add’ option. So, click the ‘Add’ next to the tab in this box, and you will successfully create a new tab.

Using FBML is Simple and Effective

FBML was created to keep everything you do on Facebook simple and to make all your efforts more effective. So far, it has proven to do well in this department. If you have worked with HTML or XML before, you will learn to use FBML very quickly.

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  • James

    March 20, 2012, 2:11 pm


    There is no point in doing an FBML application today…

    FBML has been deprecated. Starting June 1, 2012 FBML apps will no longer work as all FBML endpoints will be removed. If you are building a new application on Facebook.com, please implement your application using HTML, JavaScript and CSS. You can use our JavaScript SDK and Social Plugins to embedded many of the same social features available in FBML.


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