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How to Locate Paying Blog Gigs?

Locating paying blog gigs may be easy but being aware of some strategies in locating these things more efficiently than others can definitely put you at great advantage! Paying blog gigs, introductory mail letters to prospective clients and putting up your resume online are not enough to apply. The dynamics of blogging must first be thoroughly understood. Familiarizing oneself of how it works comes first before the act of locating a kind of paid blogging gig. Know how to drive traffic to a blog. Once you have understood how it works, it is the right time to start advertising and marketing what you can offer. Locating paying blog gigs can be tricky but using some tools on your weapon store should help you find a chance to show your skills.

paying blog gigs

1. Construct a well thought-of blog. You can either use WordPress or maybe create your own. It is the primary and the most important step. In most cases, first impressions last. Beware of grammatical errors and make use of latest technologies to show an attribute of being ahead of the curve.

2. Put your resume up on your blogging account by making a page that describes all info about you, the blogger.

3. Find out where the business/employers chat so that you can reply to their messages when you have something substantial to say. Always put URL’s of your blogs at the end of your replies.

4. Join social networks for more chance of showing off your talent.

5. Build a micro-blog where you can show off through link feeds.

6. Go to lead sites that are melting pots of paying blog gigs listings.

7. Introduce yourself to companies who may be in need of bloggers by sending out introductory letters.

8. Get physical! When online interaction may not seem enough, show up personally! Attend conventions, organizational meetings and give speeches to which your service may be relevant.

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  • Srivathsan G.K

    November 20, 2010, 1:56 pm

    well written .. adding to it, have a separate tab named ‘Hire ME’ in your blog, by this ppl can hire you.

  • shariq

    November 19, 2010, 4:16 am

    It is an important information for guest authors.


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