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How to Know How Secure Your Computer Is?

In today’s world, almost everybody have their personal data on their systems. They all wanted such data to stay personal. And most people think that nobody has access to it as they have set a password to log in to the system. Physically nobody may have access to such data because of the password protection, but while accessing internet, there is a great possibility of the system being hacked by professional hackers.

If the system is hacked, the hackers will get access to all your information. They can steal your personal data, steal your passwords or take away your credit card details. Identity theft is also possible. So, in order to ensure that your computer is fully secure, you may follow the below mentioned methods:

1. Ensure that the passwords you set for your computer are complex in nature. Nobody should be able to guess them. Do not reveal the passwords to anyone. Use passwords with a combination of alphabets & numbers and of a minimum length of 8 characters. Do not write your passwords anywhere.

2. Make sure that your computer has an anti-virus installed in it. When it comes to the security of important information and your personal data, do not compromise on the cost involved in installing anti-virus.

3. Do not buy pirated versions or cracked versions of anti-virus. Though they come cheap, if your system is hacked, you have to pay a bigger price at the end. Compromising the quality of the anti-virus may result in compromising your personal data and other important information.

4. You can also try the free versions of anti-virus available online before you actually install one. Or you can use some tips to protect computer without anti virus.

5. Also in order to make sure that your computer is secured, install a spyware cleaner.

6. Another important step is to have a Trojan remover on your system. A Trojan is a kind of a program that you might receive while installing another program like an exe file. Some of these Trojans can be very trouble-some. They can discover your passwords or sometimes even crash your system. Please ensure not to open exe files received in emails or from unknown sources or people.

7. Another powerful way to protect your computer is by using firewalls. Most of the people use windows and they have firewalls turned on. If they are not, ensure that you turn them on. These firewalls protect your computer against Trojans, viruses and in most of the cases against spyware too. These firewalls can also be used in blocking certain websites. If you have children at home and if you want to ensure that they do not access violence or porn sites in your absence, you can set a firewall protection.

The good news is that all the protection software and anti-virus mentioned above are freely available on the internet. You can use the trial versions and check for yourself, how effective your computer security turns out to be. Then you can buy them and stay secured.

Author Bio:- Robin Smith is a web geek and enthusiast who writes about dealing with online security threats. He also blogs regularly about computer security tips.

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