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How To Join Two or More RSS Feeds?

RSS is an excellent tool for content distribution. It is flexible, but there are many tools for its administration. A relatively common with the feed’s is joining two or more into one. For example, if one site has two installations of WordPress, when we have more than one blog

There are external services that do this function, but several have been offline and others do not work as well as desired. In addition, there remains the risk that other services will also disappear,

So far the simplest and most stable I’ve found is that of Yahoo Pipes .

Joining Feeds with Yahoo Pipes

feeds with yahoo pipes

1. Login into Yahoo Pipes and creates a new pipe (Create a pipe).

2. In the sidebar you will see all available modules. Drag one such as “Fetch Feed” (Sources → Fetch feed).

3. Add the URLs of all feeds you want to join.

4. Add an operator “Sort” (→ Operators Sort) to sort by Publication date (item.pubDate → descending). Now connect the output of the module Fetch Feed with the module Sort and  the Sort  module output to the output of Pipe (Pise Output). The picture above it explains.

5. Save the changes (Save) and run the pipe (pipe Run …). Now in this new page will have a preview of the result and a link to the new Feed compound.


The resulting URL is something like:


So should you use Feedburner and thus have a more friendly URL and statistical information .

One of the drawbacks of this method is that Yahoo Pipes clears the author of each article.

Although it may seem complicated if you’ve never used Yahoo! Pipes, but it is actually quite intuitive and easy to follow.