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How to Install WordPress on new Domain with Hostgator

WordPress is the most powerful blogging platform. It is the king of all blogging platform. If you are going to start your first blog with wordpress, then I must say that you are going on the right way. Good luck my friend. But if this is not your first blog, and you already start a blog with free blogging platforms, like blogger, typepad etc and now you want to start another one with wordpress then it is a very good decision. Because every one know that wordpress is SEO optimized blog. I just want to say that congratulation on your first wordpress blog.

Before starting wordpress make sure to select a best webhost for your blog. You can select one from here, which are recommended by worpdress.org.
I recommend you to start your wordpress blog with Hostgator. Where you can start your wordpress in less than 5 minutes.

Let say you are starting your first blog with Hostgator which provide you the best and cheap webhosts. You can read more about Hostgator webhosts features and prices here

Step 1:- First of all Visit Hostgator and select a plane according to your needs. You can find 3 planes. No.1 Hatchling Plan, NO.2 Baby Plane and No.3 Business Plane.

It is recommended to start with Baby Plane, because it provide you unlimited domain. It means that you can start unlimited blogs with only one Plane.

Step 2:- After selecting a plan and completing the registration process, Login to your cpanel. You can Login to your Cpanel using this link http://cpanel.yourdomain.com
Make sure to type yourdomain.

Now you are in your Cpanel. Click on Fantsatico De Luxe in Software/Services and then click on WordPress in Blog area. Here you will see a link “New Installation” Click on the link and provide all the information as required. Have a look at these screen shots.

Wordpress installation using fantasticofantastico installation for wordpressClick on the Install WordPress button, and now you will see a message that your wordpress blog has been successfully installed on your domain. You will also see your Login Link. Bookmark the link and Login to your wordpress blog. Now you have a wordpress blog and want t post your first post. Before posting read my previous article about Things to do after starting wordpress blog and SEO for wordpress. If you have any problem you can post comments here.

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