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How to Increase the Shareable Quotient of Your B2B Content

The various social media websites are being used by individual and businesses equally these days. Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Linkedin and Google+ are the most commonly used social media networks. As a business user, you can increase the way your business content is shared on these popular platforms. A few of the ways how you can achieve this on the varied social media platforms have been discussed.


This is one of the widely used social media websites among the business users. One of the best ways to increase the sharable quotient of your B2B content on Facebook is through images. You can have images related to your B2B content. You can incorporate charts and diagrams of your B2B content on your Facebook profile. Copy and paste the link to your B2B content in the description. This way you are creating an urge among Facebook users to know more about your business content. They will be diverted to your official business page or blog. This will shoot up the EdgeRank of your blog.


Twitter is one of the best micro blogging web sites and is widely used to promote a business. By smartly using Twitter, you can enhance your B2B’s shareable quotient. While working with Twitter, you can focus on the headline of your tweet. You must make sure that the headline of your Twitter feed is very attractive. Use flowery words to bring out the best headline you can. You must create a headline in such a way that a reader must be impressed and is tempted to read more about your content. While working with headlines it is important that you keep in mind the 4 U’s which are useful, urgent, ultra specific and unique. The headline must be useful, create a sense of urgency, ultra specific and it must be as unique as it possibly can be.

Irrespective of the platform you use the focus should be on the kind of content that you are sharing through the various forms of social media.

Focus on the quality of the content that you create

If you wish your B2B content to be shared among many users on the various social media platforms, you need to focus on the kind of content that you create. You must avoid using the traditional sales pitch as users will not enjoy sharing such stuff. Create quality and meaningful content allowing users to benefit by sharing among their circles in the virtual world. This will automatically make users want to share your B2B content.

Understand the pulse of the consumer

It is very necessary that you put yourself in the consumers’ shoes. You must understand what kind of stuff consumers’ enjoy sharing on the various social media platforms in general. By studying the pulse of the consumer, you can create your content targeted towards niche consumers. When content is carefully designed and targeted towards the right group, more social media users will eventually share your B2B content.

Make sure that you have easy sharing options

There are times when users are more than just impressed with your B2B content however, they fail to share it. This can be because sharing your content is not user friendly. You must ensure that sharing your content involves minimal technology. A few mouse clicks should allow users share your content successfully. Not all users are tech savvy.

To increase the sharable quotient of your B2B content, you can do a reality check by yourself. You can identify what posts and keywords are most popular among users. You can also analyze what topics are most popular with users. To help you with this, you can track your content and keywords using tools like Google Analytics. Also available in the market are free social sharing plugins like Digg Digg and Shareholic.

Author Bio:- Andrea Walters, a freelance writer for MyTechHelp – a leader in providing support across various products brands and tech devices for individuals and small businesses in need of instant tech help. tech support

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