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How to increase the Efficiency of an Outbound Call Center?

Outbound call centers have to be run like manufactures, in order to provide the best services possible to their clients. Time is money, and every second that isn’t spent on the phone, is a potential loss in sales. With today’s technology, outbound call centers can reach a very high level of productivity. Here are a few elements that can increase the efficiency of yours.

Find the Right Software Provider

Outbound Call Center

We could almost say that this is the only important decision that you will make, when building your outbound call center, or bringing it into the 21st century. If you miss out on this one, you may never be able to catch-up to the competition, afterwards. That is why you need to trust the best in the business. How do you find them? You need to look at the experience that they have in the field and what they have done before. A company like Aircall should be able to provide you with the right software that you need, in order to create an efficient workplace. Make sure that the service that comes along is also optimal. If your system ever failed, each minute of downtime could be very costly.

Insert an Artificial Intelligence Solution

Artificial intelligence is inserting itself in every part of our life. It is at the heart of the fourth industrial revolution that has just started, and it will change completely the way things are done at work. In the case of an outbound call center, it will be able to help agents increase their level of efficiency, by studying the calls and their results. It will analyze the data accumulated, in order to provide tips on how the conversation with customers should be handled, in order to create more sales. It will also help refine the software, as it is being used. A must for any company that wants to stay ahead.

Add an Outbound Dialer

If you have never worked in an outbound call center, it is hard to imagine the pace at which the calls go out. Usually, employees that are really good at their job like to keep a high rhythm of calls, so that their minds don’t drift away into other thoughts. When you are working in telemarketing, you need to be able to sell the product or service that you are calling for, and the only way to do that is to be 100% involved in the calls that you make.

That is why an outbound dialer is a great solution to add to the software. It is usually an option that comes along with the main one that you have installed, managing the whole outbound call center. It enables the next call to start, as the previous one is just about to close. This way, the person can move on to the next prospect without any break in-between the two. It may seem like a problem more than a solution, but for telemarketers, it is a way to keep them moving to the beat of their work.

Automate the Verification Process of the Contact List

Contact lists are acquire in various fashions. However, the most frequent one, is for salespeople to search through the internet and to add contacts to the CRM of the company. This provides opportunity for lots of mistakes in the information gathered, including in phone numbers. Sometimes, they don’t even exist anymore. The best way for the sales team to save time and not to call the same number two or three times, is to add a service to the CRM that will enable it to locate all wrong numbers or duplicates, before the call session is engaged. This way, everyone calling out will never have to waste time for a technical problem associated to the contact list, ever again.

Be Fully prepared before You start

Sales need strategies. For each of them, a complete plan of action must be put in place, prior to the start. This means that callers will know precisely what to say and in which order to do so. They should also be prepared for various reactions by the person responding to the call. If someone is more open to the information being provided, the closing of the sale may come up sooner than on a call where the potential customer is closed or confused regarding the reason of the call. One of the things that a salesperson needs to keep in mind on each call, is that in sales, there is always somebody that ends-up convincing the other one. It will either be the salesman managing to sell the product or the service to the prospect, or the person responding will convince the caller that he doesn’t need them.

Act Differently according to the Type of Lead

Salespersons work with leads. They can either be cool or warm, or somewhere in the middle. It all depends where they fall in the call process. If it is the first time that the person is approached, they are automatically cold. It means that the strategy will be to inform, more than to sell, since the person at the end of the line has no idea what the call is about. A hot lead needs to be handled in a more vigorous way. The salesperson has to direct the conversation in such a way that it will head towards its final phase, which is to complete the sale. The information that has been noted inside the CRM during the previous calls will be of outmost importance, in order to reach the objective of closing the sale.

Take Time Outs

Men are not machines. If you don’t understand that, you will find yourself making phone calls, one after the other, while losing efficiency at each new one that you dial. Your brain needs some time to recuperate from the previous call, no matter how well it went, in order to settle the new information in. That is why you may want to add a timer that will indicate to you, after each call, when 20 seconds have gone by. If you are using an automatic dialer, as we have mentioned before, it can be programmed to open the next call at this precise moment, as well. But you will also need to get up and move around. Sitting still, during long periods of time, can be harmful to your body. Get up, walk around and even do small exercises if you can, every 30 to 45 minutes.

Keep in Mind…

Not everyone can work in an outbound call center. It takes a certain personality to be able to approach people in this particular way, that will make them feel like acquiring a new product or service. When you choose these employees, do it carefully. Test them through a few internal phone calls to see how they react to adversity. What you really don’t want is for someone representing the company to lose it during a phone call and insult a prospect. The reputation of the firm could quickly go down the drain, if someone making outbound phone calls is not being respectful to all. If need be, go through an agency in order to add salespersons. They will have done the necessary tests to guarantee your company’s safety.

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