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How to Increase Battery Life of Samsung Galaxy Note 2?

Despite the Galaxy Note 2 having a fairly generous 3,100 mAh battery, the huge screen usually sucks away the battery quicker than you’d expect. This can be frustrating and often inconvenient, especially when you’re outside and you’re relying on your phone for communication.

There are some great tips to increase the battery life of your Galaxy Note 2, some obvious, some not so, but here are my own tips that could just save you an extra hour of standby time and standard use.

Galaxy Note 2 Battery

Turn brightness down

It’s a sunny day, and you can’t make out a text message sent from your friend or acquaintance in the bright daylight, so naturally you’d flip through your setting and bolster up your Galaxy Note 2’s brightness. If you’re relying on your smartphone to be on for as long as possible today, you’d be best to keep the brightness down as low as possible. Higher brightness will chug life out of any smartphone’s battery, but with more pixels to illuminate across a larger space on the G Note 2, a higher brightness is the ultimate battery drainer for the phablet.

Turn off unneeded connection

One battery drainer that takes an important role in your smartphone’s life is it’s active data connections. Whether it’s Bluetooth, Wifi, or the mobile data network, each one of these transmits and receives through wireless technology, and leaving these on all day will drain out your battery. Luckily you can turn each one of these off within the settings. If you want to save even more battery, you can turn your network mode to a lower frequency. For example, changing it from a 4G network frequency network down to a 2G network will save you a considerable amount of battery whenever you make a call or send a text.

Kill any heavy apps

Although stopping and starting applications will only lead to more strain on the system and more battery wasted down the drain, sometimes you may have a power hungry app waiting for you to get back to hiding in the background. Apps like these, such as games or video related applications can make your Galaxy Note work up a sweat, causing it to lose battery as it works its hardware to keep the app or game running.

Buy a new battery

One of the beauties of Samsung handsets is that, unlike many other smartphones today, the battery is removable. This means that if you really need that extra battery life, you could buy a spare official Samsung battery to keep charged up and ready to use in your wallet, or you could buy a more powerful battery, such as the Mugen extended battery that has a huge 6500mAh for use.

Turn it off

Turning your handset on and off every five minutes to check texts whilst trying to save battery won’t help at all, and all those startups will most likely run your battery down even faster. However, if you know that you don’t need your mobile for the next hour or two, you can easily just switch it off to ensure you don’t waste any battery whilst it isn’t needed.

Hopefully these tips should help you to get the most out of your Galaxy Note 2 before its battery drops dead and dies. It won’t be long before smartphones are packed with long-lasting batteries, but for now, we have to battle for battery life.

Author Bio:- Cristian Claudiu – I am a freelance web developer with over 5 years’ experience. I am also the founder of SafeUnlockCode an website dedicated to provide mobile phone unlocking services.

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