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How to Improve Interaction With Your Blog?

There are many successful bloggers out on the internet who have a wide following and lots of great conversation going on with their site. Some of those sites are even new blogs that just hit the ground running. However, there are also many blogs that have been around for years yet have only a few followers. If you are a blogger with a low number of followers, or if you have a lot of followers but are getting little in the way of comments and engagement with your posts, you are probably wondering how you can drive interaction from your readers, or get more readers in the first place. There are ways to improve your site views and your readership’s desire to interact with your posts or your blog itself.

Offer your readers incentive to visit your site and interact with it. Making your site the source of vital news or interesting contests will help drive site views and increase the reader’s engagement with your blog. Many of the most successful blogs are those that have frequent giveaways, with anything from books to free meal tickets. Offering your readers goods and services as incentive will help you become a source of free stuff to your readers, not just words or pictures on their computers. Once you make your site a valuable extra to readers, not only will they want to comment on your posts in order to win that book from the giveaway, but they will also want to come back later for more information and future contests.

Get social media sites going with your blog. No platform online exists in a vacuum anymore, and it is important to get your site on social media outlets so that people can interact with it in a variety of ways. This will not only show readers that you are “in” their social media circles and give them more ways of contacting you or reading your thoughts, but will also help drive traffic to your site from other arenas. For example, if you have a great photo of your dog, and you post about it on your blog, and then you “Pin” that photo to Pinterest, one of the newer platforms, and tweet about awesome dog leashes on Twitter, and ask a question about dog breeds on your facebook page, you will have engaged a wide range of readers.

Respond to the comments that do appear on your blog. If visitors to your blog take the time to comment, acknowledge them, and join or start a conversation. You will not only make them feel validated, but they will have a reason to come back to your site and comment in the future if they know you will interact with them. If you ignore all of your comments and think that those people will come back and leave another comment, you will probably be disappointed.

As in any genre of writing, blogging does have audience consideration, and as a blogger you have to keep in mind that your target audience has a lot of other blogs that they can go to for fun posts, support, and information. You have to make your site memorable and fun. Use the widget function on your dashboard, and post links to other sites. Participate in blogging awards, or start your own award and nominate other bloggers. You have to really make it all about the experience, and also about other people. All of us are a bit egotistical at a certain level, and many people have limited time. Make your site worth peoples’ time, and you will likely get more visitors.

Author Bio:- George Howard understands how career blogs can go about making a difference in the lives of college students and working folks alike.

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  • Destiny@makemoneygal

    December 27, 2012, 8:27 pm


    Thanks for the article and tips on interacting with your readers. I am a new blogger myself and want to have a successful blog that readers want to visit. These tips definitely help. Thanks

  • Ravi Singh

    October 4, 2012, 6:08 pm

    Hi Bilal,
    Social media site such as Facebook, Google+, Twitter are play a big role to getting a targeted traffic for a website. We put the attractive and creative title and post these sites then readers absolutely lands on your page and take the profit from your website. Your facts and tips are really informative and interesting. Thanks for sharing this.


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