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How To Get Ready For Installation of Virgin Media Services

Signing up with a media giant to avail TV, radio or Internet services can sometimes become a hassle for customers. There are long procedures to follow and a lot of different rules and policies. Learning a few guidelines or essentials may help you during the installation process of your services.

What should you do after Signing up

1) First of all, remember your installation date and make sure you write it down somewhere. Most of the companies like virgin tv and others send you an email or letter when you order the services. The installation date is usually mentioned in the email or letter.

2) Some companies may send you an account card with the letter. Keep this card somewhere safe. It has all your account details and you may need it in future correspondences.

3) Always keep a copy of the contract with you. Sign and return the original to the company. If you ordered online, make sure you take a printout of your contract, bill and account details.

4) Mostly, a member of the support staff arrives within hours. But you should stay home longer in case it takes a bit more time. Make sure that the person from the company has come to the right place and charges you according to your bill and not somebody else’s.

5) Make sure that you go through the welcome letter which you receive. It contains your account details, installation date and time, procedure for registration for e billing and other important information.

6) Make sure that someone above 18 years of age is at home at the time of installation.

What should you do on the day of Installation

1) Make sure that you ask the support staff or service engineers for a proper Virgin ID. Employees from Virgin media usually arrive in a Virgin van, so it should not be difficult for you to recognize them.

2) Make sure that you have a clear mind about where you want the cables to go, inside and outside of your house. There are times when the service engineers may suggest you with some options. Make sure that you do not rush into any decisions. Your house should look clear, and inappropriate fitting or lines of wires may hinder its beauty. Make sure that all the wires are hidden and fitted properly for your TV, computer or phone sockets.

3) Most service engineers are completely house trained. So you should not bother them too much with suggestions. Just tell them what you want and they will do it for you.

4) Once your Virgin TV or other services are installed, do not forget to ask for a demo of the service. If you have installed a TV, ask the engineer to teach you to navigate your way around. Also ask for other information like important numbers, office hours etc. The service engineer may give you a handbook or a handy user guide which will provide you with some useful information and step by step advice.

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