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How to Generate More Traffic From Trendy News?

Blogging can be discouraging if your blog is without a reasonable source of traffic income. Generating traffic is now the major concern of every blogger and many bloggers are looking for easy ways to generate traffic to their blogs. Most of the known ways of generating blog traffic can be difficult and sometimes may also prove stressful.

One of the cheapest and easiest ways of generating traffic to your blog is covering trendy news. This is very easy because you don’t have to do any external work on your blog – it’s just as easy as creating a blog post. Below are some of the ways to generate real blog traffic from writing about trendy topics on your blog.

generate traffic trendy news

Write Articles focusing on Trendy News

When writing articles for your blog, target topics focusing on news that are popular and have people searching for them on the internet. Hot and trendy topics have more tendencies of driving readers to your blog than the rather day-to-day how-to topics.

Writing about popular trends will help increase the traffic you can get to your blog and also increase your site authority in search engines.

You should also write more articles about trendy news and topics to help your blog rank well on search engines, because that’s the only way you can get traffic to your blog by covering trendy news.

Use your Keywords Wisely

You don’t want to write your articles and not get people to read them when they are still in trend. Like I always do on my blog where I cover topics like lunarpages discounts and coupons for iContact, I always focus on keywords that are important to my blog. I always make sure I use the right keywords in my posts and I don’t stuff my articles with keywords just to benefit from search engines, as that will only lead to getting your site penalized by Google.

When you want to blog about important topics that can increase your search engine rankings and generate traffic to your blog from search engines, make sure the keywords that reflect the topic of your articles appear in your posts where they are fit to. Don’t write irrelevant things to justify the need for you to use a keyword in your post as this will only annoy your readers!

Write timely articles to cover trendy news

What topics are best to blog about than timely topics? When you target the right news at the right time, you will be rest assured that your blog will be receiving tones of traffic. Blogging about outdated topics is only a waste of time and effort because your blog will benefit nothing from it.

You can subscribe to Google news updates or Yahoo! news updates so that you can have the latest news delivered to your email inbox. Subscribing to RSS feeds of popular news sites like CNN and BBC can also help you get updates of latest news to blog about.

Promote your news articles

You don’t want to limit your source of traffic income to search engines alone. So you should always promote your fresh articles on several social media sites to get the attention of new readers. You can install plugins that will automatically tweet and share your latest articles on twitter and facebook to save you the stress of doing so yourself. But you also have to consider the fact that doing so manually converts better than using plugins.

What next should you do? Get on the internet and start looking for fresh and trendy news to blog about!

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  • Tushar Khatri

    October 6, 2011, 7:17 pm

    Trending topic always get more search through search engine so always it is good to write about rending topics. Thankx for informing me about how to choose use your Keywords Wisely in trending topics.


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